quar· an· tine | ˈkwȯr-ən-ˌtēn , ˈkwär- Noun

quarantine : a restraint upon the activities or communication of persons or the transport of goods designed to prevent the spread of disease or pests

By now I think we’ve used this word more in the past week than we will in our lifetimes. Is it just me or are you guys sick of hearing it too? Of course we have to be vigilant during these uncertain times and being careful and cautious are without question the number one priority but unfortunately being confined can often times lead to boredom and restlessness especially when you have children. So I bring to you,

Ways to Survive the Quarantine

1. Quarantine and Chill

Of Course we’ve all heard of Netflix and chill, but Mommi Shamieh has taken it a bit further and adopted the ultimate “Quarantine and Chill Guide” breaking down the best movies, shows and series to watch on Amazon Prime, Netflix and YouTube by category. — Genius right?  Broken down in various categories such as, “For the ladies”, “Watch with kids”, “Quick Watches”, “It’ll be a While”, “Light and Fun”…. the list goes on. No but really, how often is it that we get time to relax? Although the circumstances are far from ideal take advantage.

Parents… take the “Quarantine and Chill” idea even further and turn it into a full on movie night with the kids. Grab some popcorn, some blankets and plan a movie night hand out movie tickets/invites at the start of the day, it’ll really give the kids something to be excited about, and also add as extra leverage throughout the academic day! No work, no movie night !


2. Theme Nights

I would say invite me over, but I’m not trying to get “The Rona”, but how fun is this idea?  Whether its with your significant other or the kids, or even everyone turning certain nights out the week into theme nights is not only fun but super hilarious. Whether it be “Wacky outfit Wednesday” or the traditional ‘Taco Tuesday’ try and do something. Don’t forget about supporting your local restaurants unfortunately the food industry people will be one of the many who will take the hardest hits due to lack of business,  making an excuse to not cook and supporting those in need during these trying times is like killing two birds with one stone. — again people take advantage of this time.

3. Virtual Hangouts

I couldn’t say drink wine, I mean I could, but I couldn’t… in efforts to seem like less of a lush, virtual hangouts came to mind. Since we cant hang out with our best friends at least we can still see them right? organize a zoom meeting and invite your friends for dinner and drinks… it’ll be a chance for everyone to catch up, have some drinks and complain about their kids. Did I mention complain about these damn kids? ! Netflix has also recently came up with a virtual movie night, simply google ‘Netflix Virtual Movie Night’ for more information on how to get started. Put the kids to bed grab a drink and catch up with some friends.

4. Distancing Yourself from Social Media

It seems like every other sentence is Corona Virus update, or this many dead… Its so hard (In my best Big Pun voice) but I’m almost inclined to say its necessary to distance yourself from social media. First off half the shit online is fake news… excuse my French but its true. Our panic levels at this point are pretty heightened don’t make it worse. Stay informed, limit your news time to the tv, a credible source… CNN, your local new station and limit it to a few times a day.  Be present and by that I mean with your loved ones, if we’ve learned anything from this pandemic, we have learned life is too damn short, and too damn precious. The phones will be there, social media will be there.

5. Living in the Moment, More Time With the Family

At this point it seems like everyone’s kids got them doing those damn TikTok videos, and if I may speak for the parents… many of us have been trying to do a few without the kids. DIY home projects are a great Idea, its no secret homeschooling has us parents taping into our inner teachers… plan some projects. Last I checked fresh air was not off limits, go for a walk, plan a bonfire campout/ camp-in in the backyard. Lunch outdoors is always nice too, get creative.

6. Spring Cleaning/ Reorganization

Just in time for the first day of Spring ! If you’re like me you always make excuses on not having time to do things…. well lookie here, nothing but time, put it to good use. Perfect time to clean out your phone or those lingering emails, go through old clothing, and toys to organize a donation, get rid of old/ expired items  not being used in the panty or refrigerator. Clean the garage. Take advantage of the extra hands around the house, turn the kids/ hubby helping you out into an incentive program, which will definitely help your sanity in the long run! Personal reorganization is also a necessary part, journaling, putting your goals into perspective not only instills hope but clearer direction for when all the chaos subsides.

7. Cooking/ Baking

Teach yourself something new, try that new recipe, or bake that cake. I recently just learned of online cooking courses– how fun ! With the ability to start dinner just a little earlier and being able to avoid the after work rush hour traffic etc… now is the time to try and perfect a few new dinner recipes.

8. Exercise/ fast/ diet

I saw a meme that said, the quarantine is either going to have us 10 pounds lighter or 50 pounds heavier all I could do was laugh. How accurate? with all the stocking up on groceries this is so true, of course during times we are tempted to eat we must show restraint because we wont be stuck inside forever. Establish a work out routine, YouTube, Apple Apps there are tons of them and majority are free, try to include more healthy snacks for you and the kids; You’ll be thankful in the end I promise.

Well there you have it folks, just a few things to get your started during the quarantine.

I know I have missed more than a few things so,

Share with the other mommis what are some things you plan on doing during the quarantine?

As always thank you for reading,

Mommi Ashley