Hi, Loves!

If you’ve been following me for a while now you know I’m a stay at home mom. But that wasn’t always my job. Before Dre and I decided that I would stay at home with the boys, I worked at a college as an event planner. I really enjoyed my job and thought the goal would be to continue to move up in my career. Then life happened. Dre took a new job away from my family and suddenly we were facing the choice of sending our young boys to daycare or me staying home with them. It was honestly a no brainer because even though I really enjoyed my job, I had serious mom guilt for missing those magical moments in motherhood that I knew I’d see if I was at home. Once I finally got my dream of being able to stay at home I had more struggles than I ever imagined I would.

I had never realized how much I relied on work to gain a sense of accomplishment. The thing I loved most about planning events was being able to see all of your hard work come to fruition at the end of the journey. Well, guess what. In mommihood there is no end of the journey. You clean a room only for a kid to come in and mess it up. You clean a kitchen only to cook in it again. And if you’re a boy mom you wipe off a toilet only for a little boy to come and pee on it.

Becoming a stay at home mom had me in mommy mode 24/7 because I did it the way I THOUGHT I was supposed to. My picture of being a SAHM was being completely wrapped up in my kids. There was no self-care. There were no days off. Just me and the kids. And completely depressed and devoid of my own identity. I’m JUST starting to pull myself of mombie-mode to try and figure out who I really am and what I really love to do.

And that’s when I came across a mutual friends profile page on Instagram, Erin Wright. Erin had not only written and published one book, she was working on her second all while supporting her husband follow his dream of playing professional basketball, and being mommy to her 3 kids. I mean, dust off your superwoman cape why don’t you?! I’m so happy Erin is here with me today to discuss how she was able to hold tightly to her own dreams and aspirations in the midst of all of the demands that come with being a mom and a wife. Welcome, Erin!