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Black Mom In America, Health & Wellness, swimming

The Impact of Learning to Swim

0April 22, 2021
Oh boy, what a difference a year can make in your life! When we started 2019 my boys did not......
Black History, Black Mom In America, Education

Furthering the Conversation: How to be Anti-Racist

0April 19, 2021
The last few months have added more black bodies at the hands of white vigilantes and police officers to an......
black history month
Black History, Black Mom In America, Black2School

20 Important Lessons to Teach Our Kids About Black History Month

0February 18, 2021
This blog was originally posted on 1/21 Photo by Twenty20 From the past we shape our future Ever wonder......
Black History, Black Mom In America, For The Culture

Are you a Black Mommi or a Mommi that’s Black?

0February 12, 2021
Black History, Black Mom In America, MommiHood

How to Explain All Things Juneteenth to Karen, Becky, Amy and Friends…

0June 18, 2020
To all the Karen’s, Becky’s, and Amy’s Out There….This is for You! Dear Karen et al., I know you’re accustomed......
Black Mom In America, In The News

What Black Mommies can do to fight Racial Injustice NOW!

0June 2, 2020
There are so many things happening all at once. We're in the midst of a pandemic but most importantly, for many...
Black Mom In America

Son, I’m Sorry: A Letter To My Little Black Boy

1May 30, 2020
Dear Son…I’m so sorry I’m sorry that I didn’t listen to that voice in my head To the doubt that......
Black Mom In America

Dear White People: Will You Stand Up For Me?

0May 27, 2020
I am scared that my son will go on his morning run and not come back. I’m scared to let...
Birth, Black Mom In America, Mother's Day, Pregnancy

Everything Was Stacked Against Me: COVID-19 Pregnancy

1May 5, 2020
IN THE BEGINNING The first time I gave birth, in 2017, I was joyfully ignorant to all of the issues......
Beauty, Black Mom In America, I confess!, MommiHood, Parenting, The NO Judgment Zone

Am I raising a colorist?

0January 16, 2020
My daughter is growing up, before my eyes. She is an honor student, active in clubs and is a great......
Black Mom In America, In The Community, In The News

Their Silent Screams

2January 11, 2020
Another sleepless night. It’s day 12 and she still hasn’t been found. The thought of her out there, alone &......
Black Mom In America, Christmas, Faith, Family, Parenting, SpiritualMommi

Hanukkah, Not Christmas

0December 30, 2019
As a child, it didn’t take long for me to realize that Santa wasn’t real. I grew up in South......
Black Mom In America, Did You Know, Parenting, Trending Story

We asked black mothers how they find their joy. This is what they said.

0October 7, 2019
A few months into her second pregnancy, she needed to read an article about black motherhood that wasn’t a horror...
Birth, Black Mom In America, Did You Know, Health & Wellness

Tatyana Ali’s letter reminds black mothers that nothing is broken in us!

0October 6, 2019
Black Mom In America

I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom!

0October 4, 2019
To whom it May Concern: How many other people’s moms started their notes in school off like this? I bet......
Black Mom In America, Family, MommiTips

Not Just For White Moms: Parenting in 2019

2October 4, 2019
Black Mom In America, MommiTips, Parenting

The Only Brown Girl In Class

2October 3, 2019
I never thought sending my kindergartner to a predominantly white school would lead to her being the only brown girl......
Black Mom In America, Family

What My Daughter Should Know

0October 2, 2019
My Biggest Blessing Having a baby in 2015 was the biggest blessing I could have ever imagined. It was also......
Black Mom In America, Hair

Black Hair Matters… But Should It?

0October 2, 2019
Black Mom In America

My faith gives me the strength needed to be a black mom in America

0September 29, 2019
Sometimes it is hard for me to believe it, but I have been a black mom in America for over......
Black Mom In America, Black2School, Family

Being A Black Mom Trying to Raise Woke AF Kids #thestruggle

1September 28, 2019
Black Mom In America

The Unconscious Weight of Being A Black Mom in America

0September 27, 2019
Mom The universal synonym for unconditional love. When you become a mother you experience what it truly means to love......
Black Mom In America, In The Community, In The News

Black Women: Justice for All?

0September 27, 2019
If you’ve been with me for a while you’ve already read my first blog in this series, Black Women: America’s......
Black Mom In America

As a Black Mother, My Parenting Is Always Political

0September 27, 2019
Grab the book! When I was 7 or 8 years old, my mother would put on Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love......
Black Mom In America, I confess!, MommiHood

Us vs Everybody!

0September 26, 2019
In a time where it feels like the world doesn’t want to see positive images like begins to feel......
Black Mom In America, MommiHood

A Letter to my Black Teenage Son…

0September 26, 2019
My son, the names change (often) but the way you are viewed (in this society) will not. Every day that...
Black Mom In America, Black2School, Education, MommiTips

Protecting Our Black Children In Predominately White Spaces

1September 25, 2019
More Money More Problems? There’s a saying that the more money you get, the more problems you have.  It’s one......
Black Mom In America, MommiHood, Parenting

MWB: Momming While Black

0September 25, 2019
At a young 10 years old, my son Dre was called a nigger in school by a classmate. This is......
Black Mom In America, Hair, MommiHair

Don’t Touch My Hair!!!

0September 24, 2019
It becomes imperative that we need more representation for little black girls with their natural hair presented in society and...
Black Mom In America, Family, I confess!, In The Community, MommiHood

I’m A Black Mom in America & This sh*t isn’t Easy

0September 24, 2019
Being a Black Woman Became harder when I Became a Mom… What it means to be a black Woman in......
Black Mom In America

Excuse Me Officer…Why Didn’t You Shoot Her??

0September 23, 2019
It was in that moment when I realized, I was angry about the wrong thing. Stop and think, I was...
Black Mom In America, I confess!, In The Community, In The News, The NO Judgment Zone, TRENDING

Black Women: America’s Punching Bag

0September 23, 2019
  Brother Malcolm said it best, “The most disrespected woman in America, is the Black Woman. The most un-protected person......