Let’s Go Back to the Basics

The New Year is only a few days away and many of us have already decided on our New Years Resolution. Many of us want to shed a few pounds, eat a little healthier, or do more self care. Overall. we want to do and be better.

The best way to tackle all three is eating. And if you are anything like me, you enjoy eating, snacking, tasting, and nibbling through out the day. Eating is fun! Eating is fuel for the soul. Eating is life. So if you are going to eat, eat right.  The key to a happier and healthier life is eating. And I don’t mean eating burgers and fries, pizza, chicken & waffles, and many other foods that I am obviously craving. (Don’t get me wrong I indulge a few times out of the year, with healthier substitute options of course! ). I mean eating the basic food, real food that come from the ground. 

Why you Should Eat the Basics

Since we are what we eat, we should eat “real food” that will feed our souls and nourish our bodies. So many of us are eating processed and Genetically Modified (GMO) foods. If you are breast-feeding your little one, you want to make sure baby is getting the best and most nutrition. Even if you are not breast-feeding, you want to be the healthiest version of yourself.  When I say real food, I’m referring  to non-hybrid  and non-acidic fruits, vegetables, herbs, alkaline grains, and spices. Non-hybrid meaning a food that has not been combined with another food to exist. N0n-acidic meaning food that is alkaline on the pH scale 8-14. We need produce from the ground.  Food that is made by the Creator. Foods such as avocado, bell peppers, okra, seeded fruits, mangoes, bananas (the smallest ones), wild rice, quinoa, and ginger. (See side bar for more food items.) Eating real foods will help you loose weight or take off a few inches, save you money at the grocery store, treat health ailments, and much more.


Losing weight and feeling better. 

You can lose around 5 to 10 pounds just by eating better, depending on your body fat, height and weight. Also eating real foods can help you lose inches. It can reduce bloating and water weight. Who doesn’t want a snatched waistline?!

Saving money is always a good thing.

Grocery shopping in the produce section and spice aisle will save you time and money. You can skip majority of the aisles which contain highly processed junk. Believe it or not, buying produce especially at your local farmer’s market is cheaper than buying canned or frozen products. And it is certainly healthier.

Health is wealth.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital to living a long life. I whole heartedly believe that we need to stop making New Years Resolutions and start making lifestyle changes. New years  Resolutions are so short lived and barely completed. If we all took daily baby steps to be better, to do better, we will be the change we want to see.

Until next time

Velena Simone