In wake of the passing of Ermias Joseph Asghedom better known as “Nipsey Hussle”, it has us all questioning our place in the world. “How did something like this happen to such a good man”? Has constantly been questioned by many since the rapper was gunned down outside his own damn store on March 31, at 3:25 pm

How brazen can someone be? But shit like this happens to black men all the time … so what’s new?

Over the past 4 days, we’ve heard from the conspiracy theorist, the streets, and the police… all of whom have their own takes on why such a senseless act of violence happened, and still, nothing changes the fact it happened. Whether the government sent this informant, Eric Holder to kill Hussle because of fear that he may cause an uprising in the community through education or whether an altercation ensued over a “snitch” being outside his store… he died.

The death of a black man in modern day America is more than likely at the hands of either the fellow black man, or sadly enough the police. I’d actually be lying by saying “modern-day” because black men have been dying like this since forever.

Ask me if I’m shocked about what happened no, I’m not … ask me if I’m shocked about who it happened to, no… I’m not. Look at Malcom X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Medgar Evers, Sam Cooke the list goes on. Reputable black men invoking change killed, details of their murderers allegedly “known” but still leaving many with speculation.

Homicide is the #1 cause of death in black men ages 15-34. An article was published in the Washington Post, “America’s big issue is ‘Black Africans’ killing each other

Read here to be disgusted

Donald Trump went on to tweet in November of 2015:


First off look at the picture used…how sad secondly these numbers are so incorrect, which comes as no surprise with the deranged President’s report of fake news. One fact we do know is as of 2015, 86% of black men are killed by gun violence Read more   

The Atlantic published an article last year Read more confirming Black men ages 15-34 are 9-16x more likely to be killed by police (something we already knew) it’s just so heartbreaking to actually read it. Nipsey Hussle was no different than the everyday black man, he may have wanted different for the world, he may have given more to his community …to his kids, he may have loved his woman more… but he was no different from any other black man, unfortunately, and it’s sad.

Our hearts have gone out to Lauren London, meanwhile, this has been the reality for many black women, many black mothers since forever.

“There’s falling in love, and then there’s falling in love with a black man”. We can’t fault Nipsey for being from the hood and staying in the hood… how dare we say that? That’s what’s you’re supposed to do, hell we’d fault him for getting put on and leaving the hood behind. We need to stop pointing fingers at everyone else and take a real look at our peers and the people around us. All these black lives matter movements meanwhile black men are out here killing their own, we don’t even need the police’s help if you want to be technical.

sad reality.


RIP Nipsey Hussle, another black man dead.