Our hearts are still broken for you. As a woman, a wife, a mom. We can’t imagine your pain and although for us this month went by quickly, we know for you, it was the hardest and longest month of your life.

We think about you and your husband regularly. The impact he had on the world pales in comparison to the role he played in your life and the life of your children.

We know he was an incredible father and hearing how much he loved being a dad and instilling the values of integrity, confience and leadership in Emani gave us one more reason to love Ermias.

This kind of love and sharing of wisdom never dies.

We know there’s a hole in your heart that feels impossible to fill but as mothers, we also know there is no love, like that of our your children and we hope that for now, their love lifts you and sustains you.

It may seem unlikely now, but it will get easier. You will find beauty in your pain, you will feel love in your loss, and will find happiness in your storm.

Your strength is admirable and you have become an inspiration to us as mothers and to many others. Stay strong and keep riding, we’ll be right there beside you.

We send our continual love and prayers to your beautiful family.

Remember above all things guard your heart, your mind and your peace. Take joy in knowing that each day when you rise, that is God Rising. He is you and you are him. Your children will have access to him by way of you and their success will be the personification of his light on this world.

The Marathon Continues

Love MommiNation