So my timeline is flooded with all these women saying Ayesha Curry is tripping, and I’m like y’all tripping for NO reason! Let’s get into this here a little bit….

Back Story….

Ayesha recently sat down at the Red Table with Jada, Willow, mother Adrienne and the rest of the Curry women to talk openly and candidly about being the REAL Wives of the NBA, all shade intended. Well during the discussion they all talked about how they deal with the groupies, thots and skanks (my words). And Ayesha admitted that there at times she feels some kind of way because she isn’t receiving, noticing any male attention besides her husband and the internet went into an uproar 🤬(are y’all serious)

Check the clip out below:


My 2 cents

Y’all tripping, like for real for real! Who doesn’t appreciate a “You look good today, Ma” or a “Damn Ma, are you single?” Heck I know I do! I can’t speak for Ayesha, so let me just speak for myself…

After 4 kids, being with my husband for 3 years and approaching the other side of 35…  I wanna know I still got it PERIODT! Now, I’m not out here soliciting DMs, taking phone numbers or wearing next to nothing to get attention. But if and when a man walks past me and does a double take or tells me I have a beautiful smile in that flirtatious can I go further kinda way my ego gets a little boost and I be feelin’ all extra kaute!


Some of y’all don’t understand because you spend so much time fake pumping yourself up that you can’t recognize real from fake.

Some of y’all see the money, the fame, the marriage and kids that Ayesha has and are so jaded because you feel like your life isn’t even half as great that you can’t even hear what this woman is saying.

Either way, Check Yo’self Boo Boo ‘cause Aisha didn’t do it! Self-esteem has NOTHING to do with what other people say to you about you and everything about what you say to yourself about you. So this is in no way an indication that she doesn’t love herself or even truly love her husband. It’s an indication that she’s human and needs her ego stroked a little from time to time. She’s just being honest and misses that little ego boost from time to time. 

I’m sure her marriage is good. I’m sure Steph understands what she was saying because any real man would AND I’m sure one day y’all will understand. Just keep living!

So, if you see a woman and she’s looking good go ahead and tell her, stroke her ego a little and watch her smile grow a little bit and her walk switch a tad.


Until next time it’s her, she, me….

Mommi JPink

“A battle lost or won is easily described, understood, and appreciated, but the moral growth of a great nation requires reflection, as well as observation, to appreciate it.” ~Frederick Douglass