Believe it or not, I’m much more low maintenance than people think. I hate carrying a lot, I hate clutter, and I’m totally not a product junkie. Even as a makeup fanatic, when I’m on the go, I keep it pretty simple with some multifunctional items for any occasion. 

If you don’t have a makeup bag, who are you? Lol, I kid. Grab one, and get ready to fill it with these goodies! 

1. Foundation.

This is a no brainer. While I don’t opt for foundation every day, when I need it, it’s important to have. My current favorite drugstore brand is Maybelline Fit Me Dewy Smooth in the color toffee. It gives this really pretty sheen without feeling too heavy. Plus, it’s under $10!! 

2. Small Eyeshadow pallete.

I know, you’re probably thinking about how extra I am. Hear me out. One amazing pallete, like the Dose of Colors Friendcation Palette can served soooo many purposes. This one took care of my eyeshadow, became my highlighter, contour shade, and blush! No need to throw in those extra items when it’s all here! See, I’m low maintenance! Lol. 

3. Mascara.

Self explanatory. Unless you were blessed with the eyelashes of a young boy, you need a little something to give your eyes that extra bit of sass. You could also add false lashes to the bag if you’re feeling brave. 

4. Powder Compact.

This item serves multiple purposes as well. One, it provides extra coverage and knocks down on oily skin after extended wear. Next, it serves as a mirror for applying your makeup. 

5. Lipstick.

Generally throw a neutral shade in my bag because it fits any look or occasion. Feel free to add in some classic colors like red or pink.

6. Eyebrow pencil.

I don’t care if the world is ending, you will NOT catch me with poorly shaped or shaded brows! An eyebrow pencil is a must for filling in sparse areas and getting the perfect shape. Use foundation to clean up the shape. An eyebrow pencil can also double as a lip liner for a neutral shade. 

7. Makeup brushes/tools!

If I didn’t have to carry a bag, I’d throw in all fifty of my brushes. But since I do, I throw in four and keep it moving. First, I include a spoolie because I once again will not be caught slipping with bad brows. Next, I add a foundation brush which also serves for contouring and blush. My fluffy brush is to apply shadow to my crease, provide blending and highlighter to my nose and other areas. Lastly, my flat brush applies shadows to my lids. 

Less than 10 products and you’re good to go! Tell me, what’s in your makeup bag? What are some products I can add to mine?  

Until next time…

Mommi Crys