There are always new products coming to the market and we love it but which ones are worth our mommies investing in?

We’re creating this list, that will be updated weekly, with new items that we’ve found in the marketplace. We want to know if you’ve tried it, what you think and if it should get our five-star approval. We’ll also be warning you of items that have awful reviews and items you might want to stay away from.

We’ll also be sharing similar items that are oldies and goodies! Items that we’ve tried and we love. We hope this is a useful resource to many of our new mommies.



This is a really awesome idea. But does it work?

Well there are only three reviews and lets just say, they aren’t promising.

The one that concerns us the most:

Bought this product at Target yesterday for my 5 year old granddaughter. It was easy to put on, like a bandaid, but now it’s stuck to her skin! It will NOT come off. The poor thing is in tears!! The adhesive is not like a bandaid. I have to use a special adhesive disolver that I ordered. I’m beyond pissed. I’ll never recommend this product.

J.L. Griffith- Amazon

Dr Justin Smith also advices against forhead strips. Read more HERE.


The Kinsa and the Braun thermostats have been around and are tried and proven! When our mommies were polled 9/10 have both or one of these thermometers in their homes and diaper bags! Reasonably priced and vital to have, you can’t go wrong with one of these brands.

Unitl next time!