Talia is a 15+ year marketing executive who has worked on some of the best community outreach and philanthropic campaigns the sports world can offer. Through her work at NASCAR, USA Swimming and USA Track & Field many lives have been change.

Her marketing mind has partnered some of the world’s best ahtletes with varying community initiatives and big brands in an effort to positively change the world.

Talia is a wife, a mother and a step-mother.

She is a late adapter to Game of Thrones, but an adapter nonetheless. For the majority of her life she played sports, mostly basketball. After having her first baby, she became increasingly interested in hot yoga and boxing….quite the extremes.

Talia also sits on the Board of Directors for the American Cancer Society of Indiana. She works with others to build awareness and raise funds to support cancer research and education.

Last, but not least, she owns SDB Consulting, a boutique marketing firm geared toward helping small, local businesses. The New York native, now resides in Indiana with her family.

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