First off, let me say buzz buzz. I am part of the Beyhive! I know how the hive will come for you as an outsider speaking upon the Queen. So I want to be abundantly clear. BUZZZ! BUZZZ! BUZZ!!

With Beyonce’s “Homecoming” set to release on Netflix today, I decided to go through my CD’s…yes I said CD’s…..and I felt a level of clarity. It was shown to me that Beyoncé has been talking to me most of my life and we have been best friends. It’s just that we have been communicating through her songs.

Crazy in Love

This song would describe much of my twenties. There were a few wonderful romances and every man in my life, except one, treated me with the utmost respect and love. My 20’s were a time when I was in love with being in love. I had yet to hit that point where I had to know and love me first.

(Hold your judgments!!! I know dag on well that I was NOT the only girl who hadn’t quite found the right path, dated the wrong person, hung with the wrong crowd.)


Now I am done believing you
You don’t know not what I am feeling
I’m more than what you’ve made of me
I followed the voice you think you gave to me

But now I got to find my own, my own

I’m just going to leave that right there……………

Somewhere in China channeling my inner Beyonce

Grown Woman

This is around the time when I started accepting the things I liked about me unashamedly. I had to get rid of a few people in my life who were trying to force me into other directions (their direction), or forcing me to dim my light so theirs could shine. I learned the value of real and true friends. The friends who curse you out not because they are jealous, but because they see you are not realizing the true potential they have seen in you for years. I was surrounding myself with kings and queens who solely wanted to uplift each other and I will forever be appreciative of them.

Upgrade U

I met my husband and he was the best person I could have met in my life at that time. I told him my deepest secrets and as the weight was lifted off my shoulders, I was shown grace and a level of love I didn’t know existed. It was this strange and unselfish kind of love. It was the kind of love that makes you a better person. Hell…. my skin was even glowing. I soon found out why my skin was glowing…………..

Beautiful Liar

Seems like, when I was pregnant, all the moms in the world expressed how beautiful, wonderful, amazing, rewarding and uplifting mommyhood would be. They were Beautiful liars. Being a mom is HARD! It has its moments of beauty and wonder and amazement, but most of the moments (at least for me) are very trying, confusing and full of insecurities.

All Night

First of all, mom’s you already know where I’m going with this one. During the night, how much do you worry about your baby? In the first few weeks, how much did you stay up because you thought she coughed too much? How much did you stay up during the first few weeks to make sure he was breathing the way he was supposed to? How late did you stay up the first time she had a sleepover at a friend’s house?………..yup, Beyoncé warned us!

Finally, like many women out there, I too claim Beyoncé as my best friend/ third cousin on my momma side. I just want to thank her for reaching out to me through some of her popular songs.

Words can not express how excited I am to watch Beychella through the documentary on Netflix. I love how Beyonce is bringing the HBCU experience to those who did not attend an HBCU, I love how she includes OUR history and tells OUR story every chance she gets.

My favorite Beyonce songs are Listen and Halo. What are your favorite Beyonce songs?

Anyway, that was just a peek into my life. Thanks for reading. Until we meet again, peace and love. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more:)@

Mommi Talia