Mothers’ Day is coming up and MommiNation is here to make sure dads DON’T BLOW IT!

Of course, we will smile and be appreciative of anything our children and significant others do for us. However, we all know there are some gifts that will get us a little more excited than others.

Let me be clear, gifts do not necessarily mean, “go spend money.” The Webster definition of gift is something voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation.

After polling the women of MommiNation, here is a list of the Top 10 things moms ACTUALLY want for Mother’s Day.


This will come as no surprise to mothers, but a new survey finds that women with children living at home are more likely to be sleep-deprived than women without children.

However, the presence of children in the home did nothing to alter
men’s sleep patterns. –CBS News, 2017

An overwhelming number of mommies emphatically stress how much they would love for an extra 3-4 hours of sleep in the morning.

“I want uninterrupted sleep. I do not want something I can buy myself. Put some thought into it.”- K. Williams

MN to the Rescue: Get up earlier than normal. Get the kids the moment they wake up. You fix breakfast for the kids…then LEAVE! Don’t wake her up to let her know you are gone, just leave a note in the kitchen or next to the bed. Walk out the door and let mommi sleep uninterrupted in a silent home.


Mommies need time with their girlfriends. Let this Mothers’ Day be the day where you help facilitate the girl time.

MN to the Rescue: Tell mommi that Sunday night after 5 PM you will handle the kids. You have to tell her this at least one week in advance so she can prepare with her girls (2 weeks if all her girls are also mommies). Let mommi know that you will handle dinner, entertainment and bedtime with the kids. If you are really proactive, you will have set up reservations at her favorite restaurant and pre-ordered a bottle of her favorite wine.

“I really want sleep, an uninterrupted meal, a clean house. I do not want to hear ‘mommy can you get me, mommy can I have, mommy I need’ the entire day. –D. Salmon


Depending on your budget, it is easy to spend anywhere from $50 to $1,000 at a spa depending on the services your loved one wants and what you can afford. A spa day is a great idea as mommi will be able to spend up to 10 hours in one place filled with relax women who are solely there to be pampered. Let’s just say, when she comes home she will be filled with energy and VERY thankful (….you’re welcome).

“A day off from doing everything, a spa day, a maid for a day lol…..I do NOT want another mug with ‘Mom’ on it!”- K. Stewart

MN to the Rescue: There is a chance you already know her favorite spa. If not, there are a number of national spa chains found in most major cities. Here are a few you can start with: Massage Envy, Massage Green Spa, Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa. You will want to call and make reservations for mommi. To be the person who purchases the gift card is very nice. To be the person who purchases the gift card, makes the reservation, takes care of the kid’s activities and leaves no detail unhandled is LIFE CHANGING!


Not another Pandora charm!! Yes those are easy to pick out…but moms also know they are easy to pick out. It seems like there is very little though or emotion required to get a Mothers’ Day charm from Pandora…. especially after 5 years (personal message to my husband…sorry).

MN to the Rescue: Here are some of the top picks from MommiNation.

“I’ve never been a fan of flowers. They die and have no real purpose after the gift is given. I like things that can continue to bring me joy after that day or unforgettable experiences”—D. Lukens

Honorable Mention

Fashion Sunglasses

Gift Certificate to favorite Clothing Store

Vacation (without the kids)

One Month Subscription to a food service

Ticket to upcoming concert

Glamping Trip

Makeup kit from Sephora or Ulta

Maid service

Apple Watch

Ugg Blanche II Short Robe

Home Scented Candles

Packable Mesa Straw Hat


Here is a list of things moms do not want. If you are honest with yourself and realize this day is solely about mommi, you will adhere J

  • -Another coffee mug
  • -Breakfast made by the kids
  • -Pandora charms (we have enough and that bracelet can get HEAVY)
  • -Flowers…we do not want flowers! They die! Quickly!

“I don’t want a damn card….I don’t want no homemade breakfast in bed!! I want to go out to eat.” – E. Harris

  • -Tires
  • -Blender
  • -Washer/Dryer
  • -The “I OWE YOU” booklets
  • -Handmade gifts (unless you are a child or a certified artist)
  • -Any passive aggressive gifts


Mom’s want:

  1. Peace and quiet
  2. A meaningful well thought out gift
  3. A slightly ratchet turn up with their best girlfriend(s).

If you can find a way to make any or all of those things happen, you will be good for a wonderful Mother’s Day NIGHT! I’m just sayin……………ask Mr. Brookshire.