Two Months Early

Skylar came into this world in her own time. She was not concerned with the plans that had been made or not made in her preparation.

There are no really dramatic stories to tell about Skylar’s labor. There was an ambulance ride, but it wasn’t exciting and I’m pretty sure the sirens weren’t even on.

She was born two months early, but there was no real danger once she appeared. At least as far as I know.

There were horrible contractions. The anesthesiologist did mess up the epidural and I had to get it twice. Even then, I didn’t feel it because I was so anxious and probably in shock.

Unfortunately (yet very fortunately), I have no drama and hysterics to go along with my pregnancy.

What I do remember are the truths I told my day old baby.

I promised her I would teacher how to survive America. I promised her I would make her dad undeniably aware of the injustices that were sure to come her way solely based on her skin color and gender. I let her know that she wouldn’t be black enough for some black people nor would she be white enough for some white people. She would be too direct for some people. She would be too nice for others.  Many people will see her direct nature as a threat.

Yes those points may seem grim, but they are the truth.

However, I also told her that I would equip her with the strength and grace of my mother and grandmother. I let her know that she will know and be in relationship with the Lord. She would know from a very young age that she is beautiful, smart, and independent and a world changer. She will understand that “different” is good. Skylar will know that she is not in competition with anyone else on this planet, only with herself. She will know that the only goal in life is to be the best version of Skylar Brookshire, which coincidentally has nothing to do with the approval of others.

My hope is and will also be that my baby is safe, happy and healthy. I hope, like I did on the day of her birth, that she will grow into the strong woman like the women before her.

So far, we are on the right track.

……….I think.

……….I hope.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s out there.

Love…Mommi Talia