Father’s Day!

Fathers Day is just around the corner and the big question is on all of our minds…what do I get the men I love?

Every Father’s Day I struggle to answer this question. All of the men in my life tend to purchase what they want for themselves when they want it. The issue with this is of course then is the age-old question “what do you buy someone who has everything?” Or at least the things they deem they want, short of that sports car (but hey if that’s in the budget for you this Father’s Day, then more power to you)! The answer: a tie! No no for all those dads out there that may be reading this I’m kidding! Ladies if you can avoid the tie this year please do.

One Small Caveat!

If you’re like me, you may have had an amazing idea 2 months ago. However, now the date is creeping up on you and you haven’t ordered your cool custom thing that takes at least 2 whole weeks to get in!

So here we are, the 25th-hour shoppers. What can we get that is awesome, thoughtful, useful, and most of all will make us look like we thought about this gift and ordered it months ago. While beggars can’t be choosers we still want to select the best for the dads in our lives, right?

Because I want us all to be great, and I want all those dads to feel great, I have taken the liberty of putting together what I like to call “A Procrastinators Guide to Amazing Gifts”

Daddy Can Read!

Bedtime with my daughter has always been a rather sweet time and even when it takes 2 whole hours for her to actually go to sleep I still cherish that time.  Some nights, Jae will look at me and simply say I want daddy! I won’t lie, this stings a bit to hear but trust me I’m happy for the free time and don’t hesitate to call Joshua over.

Daddi-daughter bedtime is the cutest. I can sometimes hear my husband doing animated voices and explaining parts of the story to our daughter. (Yes explaining, yes almost 2 years later she still asks A LOT of why?) How awesome would it be to have a book that Joshua and Jae could equally enjoy together?

Well, HoorayHeroes.com has done an amazing job with custom books for daddy and baby. That’s right, daddy can be in the story with their little one. The book is called “When Tanya Grows Up” and you can change everything, the name in the title, the features of the child, features of the daddy and baby, and you can pick from various future professions for your little one.

Act fast on this one (like today, right now)! It’s a super cool and thoughtful gift that daddy and baby will love forever.

Prime Time

If you have Amazon Prime now is certainly the time to use it. Amazon has a ton of great gifts for dad that can be at your door like tomorrow. If you know just what you want, and even if you don’t Amazon likely has it. How about Alexa for the man cave? Or maybe a clever mug to keep his coffee warm while at his desk?


Keep it simple…and sensible! One thing I know is my dad hates (well maybe that’s a strong word) but does not have a love or even a like for, useless gifts. Except of course for the heart-shaped dove that I gave him in kindergarten for Fathers Day. He kept that thing for years and I am still not sure what it had to do with Father’s Day.

My dad loves his Corvette. He likes to keep it clean, and make sure all its bells and whistles are…ringing and whistling?

For the handwashing, interior cleaning dads a simple handy tool like a car vacuum may make their day!

Here are a few other useful gifts that dads always love:

For the intellectual dad: Ancestry.com is having a fathers days sale that lasts through the June 21st.

For the strong dad: Bowflex selectech dumbbells are pretty cool for the dad who likes to lift weights and go to the gym but never has the time.

For the tech dad: The Boost Up Charging Dock, is the perfect gift for the dad who has the iPhone and Apple Watch but can never find the chargers (like my sweet husband).

For the playful dad: The Nintendo Switch is the perfect “toy” for the dad that is really a kid a heart. Whether he is waiting in the car for you to finish up shopping or just looking for a small break from hard work, this handheld game system may be just what he needs (and would likely not buy for himself).

Daddi Apparel: We offer custom hashtag tees to describe the special men in your life. We also created shirts that make bold and meaningful statements that the world needs to know about our men.

For the cool dad: The Dad Gang makes several t-shirts that only the coolest dads can wear. Order fast, and hopefully, it will be here in time for Father’s Day (but even the day after, this shirt will still be a hit).

For the sentimental dad: The Boy Brand makes customized t-shirts with sweet messages just for dad! This will serve double duty. The perfect picture for the ‘gram and one for keeps!

I Guess An Oldie Can Still Be A Goodie…

If you can’t avoid a tie then check out these trendy African print ties from Diyanu.com. They are certainly a unique piece that any dad can show off at the office, church or special event. They have a few other shirts and accessories dad may like as well Did I mention they offer overnight shipping so he can, in fact, have just in time for church on Father’s Day morning!

Can’t Buy?… DIY!

Whether it’s because of time or finances if you cannot buy something, making it yourself is the next best thing. Maybe it’s neither and you’re just very creative and good with your hands. A DIY shows that not only you took time but you were thoughtful. Unless of course, you give him a macaroni picture frame. Certainly, not highly recommended, and how embarrassing would it be if you and your toddler made the same gift.

Pinterest is a great place to find Father’s Day gift inspiration. Of course, mom’s don’t be afraid to get the kids involved. In fact these little DIY gifts go over really when a tiny handprint is included.

King for a day…(Everyday, but this day is super special)

Yes, we treat our husbands and fathers as the kings that they are. They watch over their families, provide for us, protect us, encourage us, support us and drive us crazy all at the same time. And while we do our best to reciprocate the love and provide comfortable homes, and amazing companionship, dads often give up a lot each day.

Whether it’s getting up early to drop the little ones at school before heading into the office, or not watching that game on the weekend because we want him to attend that baby shower with us, or staying longer at church because we have a brief women’s meeting after service, or even eating avocado toast for breakfast instead of pancakes and bacon because you told him you wanted him to be healthier…dads adjust a lot for their families.

What if for fathers you gave dad 24 hours to just be. I know my husband would as happy as a kid in a candy store if he woke up (on his own time) to the smell of bacon (real bacon) and no weekend tasks. No quick errands, no day parties, no “fix this real quick”, no gospel music and helping me clean and organize. For Father’s Day this year, let dad watch as many games as he can stomach! Pancakes? Extra fluffy!

Spouse Bonus:

And at the end of the night….or middle of the day depending on how the special man in your life likes it, a little romance goes a long way. That’s right, this Father’s Day, if you’ve spent time on nothing. No gift, no crafts, no creative plan for the day…just break that gift that he got you for Valentine’s Day that was really for him, it will come in handy today too!

Dads Need Love Too

Whatever you get that special dad this year, I think the most important thing that he gets is that he’s loved and appreciated. Yes, that’s right, that strong, hairy, man could use some love and affection, and maybe a little pampering today too. Whether your husband, your ex-husband, simply the father of your child, your own dad, or just your children’s grandfather, show the dads in your life that their contributions don’t go unnoticed. When they fold the clothes poorly and put them in the wrong place, we do appreciate the thought. When our daughter’s hair looks crazy but you tried…hey you tried. When you burn the eggs and that funny smell is left in the kitchen it came directly from the heart.

Happy Fathers Day to all the amazing fathers out there loving and leading their families!

Originally written by Mommi Jess