Hey Mommies,

Have you ever feel like you had everything you wanted in life and your life couldn’t get any better? That’s exactly how I felt. I married to my high school sweetheart, was working my dream job as a nurse and most importantly, we had 2 healthy, beautiful children, (one girl, one boy). What more would make my life complete? One more baby, maybe? My husband and I have always said we wanted to have 3 children. Little did we know, the third time around would be a big surprise.

Working as a nurse on nights can be very exhausting. For a couple of weeks I wasn’t feeling like myself. I was feeling fatigued, had headaches, and was nauseous most of the day. Did I forgot to mention, I missed my period??? I had a gut feeling that I was pregnant.

Of course I ran out, bought a pregnancy test and confirmed what I already knew. I was pregnant!! Hubby and I were so excited our family would finally be complete with our third baby. The same day I found out, I had to work that night so I wasn’t able to call to make my first doctors appt. By 2am I had already thrown up five times and felt like I was going to pass out. I was never this sick while pregnant with my other two kids.

It was time to break the news to my boss. I usually don’t tell people I’m pregnant until I’m 3 months and out of my first trimester (old wives tale), however, this time around seemed to be different. My manager said I needed to go down to the first floor, to the emergency department to get checked out immediately. As a result, I went to get checked out by the doctor. I explained the symptoms I had, and was waiting for the ultrasound tech to come and do the ultrasound. I was nervous and excited at the same time because I wanted to make sure everything was ok. This was the first time I would see my baby.

The shock of our lives

Finally the tech came in and proceeded to do the ultrasound. After about 5 mins in to the exam, I noticed the tech had this confused look on his face and started to shake his head. I asked him if everything was ok with the baby. He immediately put his head down and let out a chuckle as if something was a joke, meanwhile I’m here lying on the table thinking something is wrong with my baby. He then proceeded to ask me, “Do multiples run in your family?” I responded, “What do you mean do multiples run in my family, I’m only having one baby.” He said four words that would change my life FOREVER! “YOUR’E PREGNANT WITH TRIPLETS.”

“You’re joking right” is what I said about 100x. Consequently, I was was sure Ashton Kutcher would come through the curtains and tell me I was being punked. “Are these natural triplets,” he asked (If I had $1 for every time someone asked me that question I would be rich)? For those who are wondering, my paternal grandmother had triplets (sadly they never made it to term and none of them survived). To clarify, twins run on my husbands side and also mine.

The tech turned the screen so I could see the babies. There were 2 babies in one sac and 1 baby in the other sac. The babies all had strong heartbeats and were doing great. I had so many mixed emotions. I was surprised, shocked, scared, and in disbelief.

Immediately I took a picture of the ultrasound and sent it to my husband to see if he could make out what he was looking at. I didn’t want to call and wake him at 3am since he had to be up early in the morning with our older kids for school. I went back upstairs to work and couldn’t wait fast enough to get home to tell my husband the exciting news. When I finally reached home that morning, I ran upstairs to see if my husband had saw my message. Of course he said he didn’t know what he was looking at.

I told him I was pregnant with THREE BABIES! He said I needed to go back to the doctor to get checked again because there was no way I could be pregnant with triplets. 

Our new reality sets in

Triplets??? Our lives would change drastically. Three more little people to take care of. Three more mouths to feed. Three crying babies all at once. Three of everything. How would we manage financially and mentally? We’d be going from 2-5 kids in one day! How would I share my love and my attention with 5 children, my husband, and take care of myself? We were going to have a full house, literally. On the other hand, just thinking about all that stuff was giving me anxiety. I kept telling myself God wouldn’t give me more than I can handle and he chose me for a reason. Many take a lifetime to realize their purpose. Follow me and my family on Instagram if you aren’t already, as we embark on our next chapter of God’s plan.

With Love,

Mommi Diane