Okay Mommies, It’s Friday the 13th and we over here at MommiNation are all thinking about the funny superstitions that we’ve grown up with!

Here are our top thirteen:

1. If you’re ugly while pregnant, you’re definitely having a girl… she’s stealing your beauty!

2. Never, we mean NEVER put your purse on the floor or you’ll go broke!

3. Dreaming of fish… someone’s having a baby!


4. Never buy your boyfriend or husband shoes as a gift because he’ll walk/sprint out of your life with them.


5. If your belly remains high towards the end of your pregnancy it’s a girl and if it’s low it’s a boy.


6. Always look a person in the eye when you’re doing a toast or it’s 7 years of bad sex.


7. Men, don’t eat her spaghetti!

8. When your baby walks between your legs they’re getting out of the way for the next one!


9. If your palm is itching that means that you’re coming into some money.

10. If you have heartburn during your pregnancy your baby will be born with a lot of hair.


11. If your ears are ringing someone’s talking about you!


12. If you reach above your head while you’re pregnant, the baby’s umbilical cord will get wrapped around their necks.



13. If you constantly fight with your partner during pregnancy the baby will look just like them!


Let us know some of your favorites, comment below!