There are just two weeks left until school starts for my children, and I am going absolutely mad. I have run out of things for the children to do, and I think they can smell my fear.

We did all of the extremely fun things at the beginning of summer, that I didn’t plan out far enough until school starts.

We did the carnivals, we got our fill of cotton candy, funnel cakes, ice cream, and buckets of fries. We went to amusement parks, waited in long lines for the craziest roller coasters (not me, I hold the bags and hang with the baby), did all of the spinny rides that make you want to vomit in the nearest trash can when you get off (again, not me). We have been to the museums, not just any museums, the ones where the kids can touch everything after they lick the hand they just coughed in. Yes, those museums. The children have free range to get into and pull on anything that they please, type of museum. We have taken the kids to parks and road trips. We’ve taken trips to the zoo and professional baseball games. I have made it a habit to go to the gym at least 4 days a week, so they can hang in the gym daycare and socialize with friends. But now as I am down to the wire and getting ready to hand 2 out of 3 children off to our lovely school district, I have no clue how to stretch the rest of this time. What do I do?

Here’s how I’m going to survive the next two weeks:

Gym, Continue my regimen

Mama has got to lose this weight and nothing is going to stop me. Our gym allows up 2 and a half hours to work out while our children are in the daycare center. I’ve been committed to the gym since the FitMommi Challenge, and I have not stopped! The kids get to see some kids that they already know, or hang out and meet new ones, we all win.

School Prep

All throughout the summer, the children and I have been doing book work and remaining sharp on their skills for this upcoming school year. There’s no reason to let them slip, so this was a must for our summer together.

Free Events

You know those town events that you get Facebook updates about that are free for the kids? Yeah, go to those! Our town just had its 3rd Annual Back to School Bash that was FREE, so we packed the kids up and we joined the festivities. Free food, free games, free attractions, free face painting, Free Dollars and FREE Cents!!! The kids had a blast, they ended up seeing friends from school and the 4 hour event saved our Saturday.

Playdates Still Exist

Playdates are still a thing, do them! Now that my kids friends have returned from their family vacations, they are finally able to get together. Utilize those Mom friends that don’t mind having your child being in their home for a few hours, or even stay with them! I often stay with my daughters besties mom during their playdates and talk, shoot, we’re friends too!

Good Old Fashioned Backyard Fun

I’m talking about letting the kids run through the sprinklers, bring out the water guns and water balloons and just have at it! And when all of the mayhem is complete POPSICLES!!! Even one for Mommy. There used to be a time when outside play was all we did to pass the time. Being outside is so important for our children and even for myself. I feel so much better when I sit on the deck swing and just enjoy being in the breeze.

Kids Bowl Free

If your areas bowling alley does this, it is a true blessing! Kids Bowl Free for the summer has saved us from a few boring summer days. All you do is register your children with your local bowling alley, and we get emailed a code each week to come and bowl. The kids get 2 free games, and my Husband and I only have to pay for ourselves, as I whoop him in both games since we were dating.

It has been quite a long Summer for us, but I think we pulled off a decent one for the kids. We spent money, we were frugal at times, but all in all, I think we did okay at keeping this a steady summer for the kids. Now it’s time for a Rockstar school year for my babies, and as exhausted as I am, I am going to miss them as they get on that bus everyday.


Contributing Mommi Jeniellsa

I am a 25 year old Wife and Mother of 3. Aspiring Nurse, but current Stay at Home Mom.