Growing up I was raised by an amazing woman who took me into her home as a young baby and raised me as her own child.  She was a serious, strict, smart, and about her business woman.  She was also known for her Jamaican culture and if you know anything about Jamaicans “they don’t play”.  She only stood 4’11 in stature but was mighty with her words and the serious looks that you knew meant business.  She was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, but wanted to go to the states.  She pursued working for a Jewish family who in turn allowed her to claim her residency and become a US citizen.  She became the first role model that I could look up to.  I was loved, she taught me to respect myself and to be my best in life.  One thing I wish we could of done is write letters to each other, that I could now open up and read so as to reminisce of our good times and all the learning moments we went through.

Realizing this, I said this year as my daughter turns 10, I wanted to start writing letters to her 2-4 times a year that when she is older she can reflect back and see our relationship.  She could see how we solved problems, how we related to each other and most of all how much I love and adore her.  I came across a beautiful set that would allow just that.  It looked like a mailing, I could put the date on it and the date I wanted her to open. When unfolded it was a letter and enough space for me to write my thoughts.  I was so excited because I never got to experience this and what more than being able to encourage, uplift and express my gratitude for her in written word form.

So guess what I did, I came home and immediately got into the package and took out the first letter.

The topic for this letter was, what does being your parent mean?  How fitting especially as we were going to celebrate her 10th birthday and talk about when she was born.  The tears welled up in my eyes and I knew that this was going to be a gift that would be forever, and it would be priceless.  The reaction I would see from her face of opening would give me the closure of knowing that I started a tradition with my daughter that she too one day could do with own her children.  Here is one line from my letter to her…..

“I am so proud to be your mom because I can show you unconditional love, morals, kindness, love for yourself, and how to be you.”

Moms, I encourage you to seek out this project or even start writing on notebook paper and place in an envelope to your child.  You, of course, can use pretty stationary or select stationary with your last name initial or show your family crest if you have one.  This will not only make a great gift but it will be therapeutic for you as you take the time to share precious and intimate moments with your child.  I guarantee your child will appreciate it! I already plan to do this with my second child as well once she is older!

 So what are you waiting for? Get to writing!!!

Unitl next time…

Mommi Mary

I am Mary Wineberg, a bomb mom, wife, sister friend, sorority sister, educator, motivational speaker and not to mention an Olympic Gold Medalist living her best life. I am the proud mother to two beautiful girls, who I want to show that dreams can come true. I want them to see me striving for my dreams so they can do the same in the future.