And to think, we thought the Mommi Madness couldn’t get any worst. Now, some of our daily routines are complete thrown out of whack because we have been instructed to work from home over the next few weeks to prevent the spreading of the COVID-19. Some may think that working from home is a breeze, while those of us who permanently work from home understand that while it has its pros, like any situation, it also has its madness. But no need to fear, as a Mommi that has worked from home over the last 4 years for a major corporation, I have you covered. Whether you work for a corporate company or a Mommipreneur, I have 10 ways to help you flourish as a work-at-home mommi.

Ten Ways to Flourish As A work-At-Home Mommi

1. Wake up early

Because we don’t have a long commute and we are not forced to sit in traffic for an hour, doesn’t mean that we get to sleep in. Wake up early! The day is going to get crazy and this is the perfect time to enjoy peace and quiet while the rest of the house is still sleeping. Use this time to plan your day, meditate, pray, get coffee/tea, make breakfast, and prepare for the day ahead.

2. Set a schedule

Although we are at home, we still have deadlines, projects, and quotas to meet. Because we are at home, it is sometimes difficult to separate your job duties from your mommi duties. Plan out your day by setting a schedule of everything that needs to be accomplished by the end of the day. We created a sample schedule on our IG page for Work-At-Home Mommi we think is a great template for you. Check it out:

Wake up earlyWAH Mom Schedule










3. Dress the part

It is so easy to roll out of bed and prop the laptop on our lap while watching our favorite talk shows. Don’t fall for the trap. Get up, get your shower, brush your teeth, do your hair, and get out of those pjs. Put on something comfortable and cute! When you look and feel good about yourself, you are motivated to be productive.


4. Have a Work-At-Home Mommi dedicated workspace

Speaking of getting out of bed, your bed should not be your workspace. If you have an office, use it! If not, create a dedicated workspace. Somewhere that you can mentally separate your home life from your work life. Find a quiet, away from distractions (if possible) to completely focus on work. This way, when you enter your “office” you know it’s time for business.

WAH mom

5. Take a lunch!

I am guilty of being so busy with the demands of work, that I either skip lunch or find myself typing and chewing at the same time. Remove yourself from your work area and take a break. After exerting 4 about hours of brain power, your brain needs a break. Don’t exhaust yourself mentally. Step away from the desk and give yourself time to refresh, rejuvenate, and finish work strong.

6. Get out daily

Cabin fever can set in quick! I have let days go by before seeing the clouds in the sky. This is not healthy physically or mentally. Get out the house, go have lunch with a friend, grab a coffee, take a walk, or walk the dog. Just get outdoors and soak up that good vitamin D.

7. Fit in a workout

You don’t realize that the absence of physically geting yourself up and out the house to go to work removes most of your daily activity. There’s not much exercise and walking from the bed to the office, to the kitchen and back to the office each day. Utilize your time and plan a workout. Schedule is either as soon as you wake up, during one of your breaks, or right before bed, just get it in!



9. Have a best friend at work

Working at home can be lonely. At work you have your coworkers that you bounce ideas off of and engage in that go ole water cooler talk. Be intentional about virtual communication. Set up instant message groups to still have conversations with your coworkers. If your spouse also works from home, set lunch dates with them to go in the kitchen and prepare lunch together while having great conversations.

8. Know when to turn it off

Just like skipping your lunch, it’s so easy to say “I know my shift ended an hour ago, but let me finish 1 more thing” or open up your laptop while eating dinner to finish working. Stop it! There is a time for you to be present and fully productive at work and there is a time for you to be fully present with your family. Work/Life balance is so important.

10. Wine-Down

Grab a glass of wine, take a hot bath, read a book, whatever you need to do to relax, unwind, and reenergize yourself for the next day. This tip is very important! In order to be a present and productive mommi at work and at home, you must take care of you first!

WAH mom


Hope this helps!


Please leave a comment below and share you favorite tips to flourish as a Work-At-Home Mommi


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