Hey MommiNation!

I’m dubbing March MOMMI MADNESS and here’s why:

As an athlete and a huge fan of sports, I’ve loved the concept of March Madness.

I could write all about why it’s fascinating but I found this awesome article on the Bleacher Report site that breaks it down so well.

Here are three of my favorite reasons the author loves March Madness and why I have to agree it’s cool but has NOTHING on MOMMI MADNESS!

1. Number of Contestants

There are 68 teams that qualify for the “Big Dance.”  68!

No other North American professional sports league has even that many contestants to begin with.

This is great because it spreads out the playing field and leaves plenty of room for dramatics.

Some may use the “more is less” argument here and note how the lower level of overall talent deters from the spirit of competition.  However, those who do, are forgetting that there is no other type of postseason play that guarantees 83 different matchups.

It’s true that not all contests promise to be competitive, but it does assure watchers plenty of variety.


I’m a mom of ONE and I can’t even imagine what it’s like for moms of multiples. At MommiNation we have many mommies, some like Bella who have six kids and Diane who have five (her final three being triplets), and I literally cannot wrap my mind around what it is like to be there for so many other little humans.
I know every kid is different but my son requires A LOT of me! He is high energy, clingy and demanding and I spend the majority of my day figuring out what we will do next. In order to get things done I have to wake up early, go to bed late to be strategic about how he can have fun while I get a few important things off my checklist. Even now, to finish this blog, I’m up at 6am before my day gets started with my sonshine.
I tell you, when it comes to motherhood it doesn’t matter how many children you have, it only takes one to turn your life into a complete madhouse!

2. Frequency of Games

“March Madness” is the perfect way to describe the second and third rounds of the tournament.

Forty-eight games are played over the course of just four days, and with multiple contests being aired at the same time, viewers are free to watch the game of their choice.

Not only are there plenty of options to choose from, but also very little wait time in between.

Since four different networks consecutively run games, one can easily distract themselves for 20 minutes by switching to another channel without compromising the integrity of their competitive mood.

well let’s compare that the the

The amount of Shit Mommies have to do in a day!

3. “One and Done” Format

Similar to the National Football League, March Madness demands postseason perfection from its champion.

Not only is this format good for the game, but also viewers as well.

By maximizing the pressure of every game and increasing the importance of every possession, it automatically thrusts its’ student-athletes into the biggest game of their careers.

This structure is also audience-friendly since it doesn’t subjugate anyone into watching a matchup that might have already proven to be a blowout.

You Can’t Get these Moments Back

Much like March Madness you can’t get the day back, it’s impossible to relive the moments, and they grow up so fast.

Every choice we make means something else isn’t getting done, someone is getting left out and something is being missed. Far too often as Mommies, that person, that dream, that goal is ours.

As we approach the third month of the new decade it’s imperative that we don’t let the things on our vision board just remain in our minds but actually drive us to action. I know motherhood brings a lot of madness but this March I want us all to keep our eyes on the prize and WIN TOGETHER!

Join us for a month filled with tips and inspiring stories on how you can quiet the noise around you and win despite the madness!

Mommi Sanya