It’s My Anniversary

Today is my and my husband’s four year anniversary and I just want to take a moment to gush over the amazing man he has become. Over the course of our ten-year relationship, we’ve had lots of ups and downs, but he has always been the most thoughtful man I know. As we get more mature and seasoned in our relationship he has become so many more “mosts” and I’m realizing I must have prayed the “Ciara prayer” and didn’t know it!

Where do I begin?

Over the course of our marriage, I have only gassed my car maybe ten times. The other day I forgot to get gas (because I do it so infrequently) came home and said I’d get up early and get some on the way to work. I walked out to my car, late, and had a full tank of gas. He woke up at 4 a.m and filled the tank so I wouldn’t have to stop on my way in. I’ve never had to wash or detail my vehicle either… he takes care of it.

I’m notorious for taking 48 hours to do a load of laundry! Constantly forgetting it and having to re-wash to get the “wet” smell out. My hubby literally always transfers my stuff and keeps the laundry going. Not to mention he does his and the older kids laundry 2-3 times a week.

We’ve never missed trash day. He rolls the trash out the night before and makes sure to get the diaper pail and old food out of the fridge and pantry. Speaking of the pantry, he does all the grocery shopping for our family. He’s in tune with all the needs in the house! I don’t know how he does it. He knows, without being asked, when to buy garbage bags, diapers, the babies bath soap, MY bath soap. Tyriell’s deodorant, Armani’s toothpaste. Every. Single. Thing.

Playing HIS Role…

He is the true definition of a leader because he’s willing to play every role. He isn’t drowning in toxic masculinity and caught up in gender roles. When I cook dinner he washes the dishes and cleans up. If he sees I’ve had a long day, he cooks without a second thought. When we are having an event, like a BBQ or something. I never have to worry. I can always count on him to be thoughtful about whatever’s happening. He’s not lazy so he doesn’t mind running errands to get things to come together. He’ll grab the food, grab the kids entertainment, set up the entertainment then grill the food for us all to eat.

In any given day he wakes up at 4 am. Goes to the gym. Comes home at 6 am preps the big kids for school. Takes them. Comes home and is all energy for the babies. Then he leaves, goes to work. On the way home, he picks up the big kids, does homework as he listens to how their day(s) went. Immediately followed by some sort of outside play with Slade and Shiloh. Then dinner, he either makes the plates or wrangles the kids. Baths, he’s undressing one while I do the other. He lets no need or want go unfulfilled.

He’s the MOST…

Productive. Most selfless. Most loving. Most intuitive. Most considerate. Most giving. Most fair. Most loyal man I know. We have a real partnership that makes me so proud to be his wife. In terms of the “Ciara prayer,” he’s definitely the quarterback to our team and we love him, genuinely, so much!

Thank you, Mr. Gatewood, for all you do. I love you, you have my whole heart.

Mommi and Wifi Shari