This may sound a bit cliché, however when I reflect on 2019, all I can think about is how I really wasn’t that great of a person. I wasn’t good to my husband, my children or myself. I almost caved into suicide, and since the day, that I almost took my life, I’ve been so low. I’m still wondering how the heck I even got there in the first place. But never again!

Tonight I wrote down my resolutions, something I’ve never done before. For someone who loves to write, I have never written down my goals. Crazy, I know. Putting it on paper, made it real for me and I vow to commit to them.

The person I was in 2019 was not healthy; mentally physically or spiritually. I completely stopped praying, I hadn’t been attending church, II was constantly arguing with my husband over any and everything, and I often caught myself being short with my kids. And then, I would literally cry over my own actions. My entire family probably thought I was a monster and I hated it. I don’t want my kids to one day look back on their childhood and only remember me hollering over hot wheels and LOL dolls on the floor! I do not want to be a Ticking Time Bomb Mom. They would never forget that nor would they ever forgive me. But on top of all of that, I wasn’t good to myself. Not taking care of my physical appearance (even at work), I looked like trash. I was eating any and everything I could and packing on the pounds in the process. I couldn’t even hustle down the hospital hallway without being out of breath. It wasn’t until MommiNation launched The Fit Mommi Challenge, when I started working out more consistently and eating better. Now, I’m down 26 pounds all thanks to that commitment!

I spent so much time trying to be everything for everyone else, that I had become nothing to myself. Shaving? Nah. Sleeping? Never heard of it. Hair appointment? Barely. I walked around wearing the same clothes and a bandana on my head, I just couldn’t function properly. But when I reflect on all 12 months of 2019, there isn’t one that I could say, that I was at my best. My family should not have to walk on eggshells around me. I’m working on me, for the sake of my family and my mental health.  For someone who loves to write, I have never written down my goals. Crazy, I know… and so tonight, I wrote down my resolutions because putting it on paper, made it real for me and I vow to commit to them. Here are a few of my top resolutions:


1. Be more patient with my family.

2. No procrastinating.

3. Use kind/affirming words.

4. Take time for me, be me for a few hours.

5. Stay in the gym, go harder!

And last but not least, probably the hardest of all…

6. Fold the laundry as soon as it comes out the dryer!

Y’all gone have to pray for me with that last one!

Set your goals, write them down and turn them into reality.

Happy New Year, Mommies!

Mommi Jeniellsa


New Year, New Me….by Mommi Verscie

How many times do we hear or say to ourselves “New Year, New You”?This is great and awesome, but what about reality?Let’s be honest how many of us set goals in January only to fall short by March or April?I am a realist and I really don’t like to set unrealistic goals merely to keep up with everyone.I think the best way to enter the new year is to be true to yourself.If you struggle with your weight like I do, but don’t workout then how can we expect to loss weight?You must hold yourself accountable for the goals that you want to accomplish.There are so many great things that can be valuable for us in the New Year and I have picked a few that I find effective.

Vision Boards

Vision Boards are a great way to be honest with yourself.It allows you to map out goals that you want to achieve.It also makes a visual blueprint of your personal goals.A vision board is like speaking affirmations on your life.Vision Board Parties are a big hit and allows you to be around like-minded people who are trying to level up as well!A bonus is the fellowship that transpires during these parties.

Accountability Partners

I love having accountability partners! With the new year here, having family and friends that will help you be accountability for your actions can really help.It can be very difficult at first to accept someone who is pointing out your inconsistencies and not so good actions, but we all need these type of people in our lives.In the new year be open to constructive criticism and make the necessary changes that will help you be successful. 

Last, but definitely not least…..Consistency

If you make a goal be consistent when it comes to achieving it.Even on the days that seem hard still push yourself to be great.I think a great way to do this is to create a schedule that details your day and check off each item as it gets accomplished.

Happy New Year Mommies

Until next time

Mommi Verscie