MommiNation founder, Sanya Richards-Ross, was the special guest for XONecole’s inaugural Pajamas & Lipstick event! With over 100 attendees, Sanya held court with Necole Kane, Dana Blair and Tracy G and no stone was left unturned. Not the typical panel discussion, these ladies dug deep and dished on many topics that ladies usually only talk about with their besties.

It was a movie

See for yourself…

What was happening here?

Necole, the founder of XONecole, and the creator of the event was intentional when choreographing the evening to ensure that the conversations were not the typical ones she usually participated in. Not too much talk about business in the office more about business in the bedroom. The panel had the perfect mix of ladies. From single to dating to married! Everyone was so dynamic, honest and raw but the woman that had the most jaw-dropping moments that lead to the pictures below…..

Take a Guess

You should have been there…

And maybe next time you will!

Necole talked about doing this event again and we wholeheartedly think she should! It was entertaining, edifying and enlightening.

Let us know when and where XONecole and MommiNation be there!