The opportunity to see a room full of passionate, hard-working, and business savvy black women cannot be described in words. As you know, we believe that it takes a Nation to support a mom, and this event was the true depiction of support. There were several quotes that were so powerful and intentionally placed all over the event space. There were two quotes that stuck with me. “Real Queens Fix Each Other’s Crowns” and “Behind Every Great Woman, Are Great Women”. LOVE. THESE. QUOTES!!! Find ways to get behind other women, build them up, support their cause, fix each other’s crowns, collaborate, connect, and succeed!!

Easing into mommyhood, Sanya Richards-Ross looked into the digital space and noticed a void and a two-fold opportunity: to build a platform that celebrates the entirety of motherhood and womanhood and to create a support system as she transitioned from sports into motherhood. So she founded, the digital platform,

MommiNation founder, Sanya Richards-Ross, was the special guest for XONecole’s inaugural Pjamamas & Lipstick event! With over 100 attendees, Sanya held court with Necole Kane, Dana Blair and Tracy G and no stone was left unturned. Not the typical panel discussion, these ladies dug deep and dished on many topics that ladies usually only talk about with their besties.