In the natural hair world there are tried and true go to hairstyles and if you ask your favorite natural hair enthusiast 9 times out of 10 the Twist Out will be in their top 3 go-to hairstyles. A twist-out is exactly what it sounds like. You simply twist your hair from the root to end, let the hair dry, and then release them. I believe the twist out is one of the easiest styles to accomplish. It doesn’t take expertise and almost anyone can separate 2 strands of hair and twist them around each other. Although the twist out is easy to achieve, it does take proper product, technique, and practice. There are several tips to help you achieve the perfect twist out and as a natural mommi of 7 years, using almost all products on the shelves I have you covered!


How to achieve the perfect Twist-Out

Start on freshly washed and conditioned hair

To achieve the best results, start fresh. I’ve done twist-outs on fresh hair, dry hair, old twist-outs, old buns, etc. But my best twist-outs are those that start fresh!

Twist on wet hair

I have accomplished a beautiful twist-out on both wet and dry hair, but the twist-out that last the longest and has the most volume starts on wet hair. You hair may start to dry as you begin twisting so make sure you have a spray bottle on hand. My spray bottle is usually filled with room temperature water, rosemary oil, and aloe-vera juice but good ole fashion H2O will work just fine.

Work in sections

Working in sections will allow for excess hair to stay out of the way. It’s also easier and less intimidating to work on one section at a time than a head full of hair.

Moisturize, Detangle, & Seal

The products! This is one of the most important sections but also the most “grey area” step. Find what products work best for YOU! It all depends on your hair type, your porosity, length, density, etc. Although the product brands differ, there are some consistent properties you should always use. Always use a leave-in conditioner to moisturize, an oil to seal in the moisture, and a styling product to hold the twist. You will see all my tried and true products in the video below. Before applying your holding product, detangle to remove all knots and allow smooth, shiny twists.


Then you twist! Separate a section of equal parts in 2 and wrap on strand around the other. Wrap the hair around your finger at the end. If you are transitioning or have heat damage you can use small perm rods on the ends. The size of your twist are of personal preference.


Let the hair dry by either sitting under a hooded dryer or air dry about 8 hours. Usually, I tie my hair up and let dry over night.


There is a right and wrong way to untwist. Be gentle! The more gentle you are the least frizz you will experience. Also use a light oil on finger tips to untwist. Separate hair where it naturally wants to separate.


Protect your hair while sleeping with a bonnet, scarf, or silk pillowcase. Try your best not to flatten or dry out your hair by lying on cotton.


And there you have it! The perfect twist out! Yesssss Mommi! Rock your natural curls and shine on em!



Love, Mommi Mykal

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