Protective styles are great for the summer, especially for black and brown Mommies and daughters swimming, vacationing, and summer camping. Why? Because the styles can last anywhere from 1 – 8 weeks. But, I wouldn’t recommend leaving a protective style in any longer than 8 weeks. Us mommies love protective styles and finding new and trendy ways to rock them. Passion twists are the hot new protective style of 2019.

passion twists

What Are Protective Styles?

Protective styles are styles worn with the ends of your hair strands are tucked and protected from damage because your ends are the oldest and most fragile part of your hair strands. This allows the ends of the hair to stay moisturized, avoiding stress, and promoting hair growth. There are numerous protective styles but the most common are variations of braids, twist, buns, cornrows, wigs, and updos. Protective styles can usually be worn for multiple days, even weeks long.

passion twists

Why Passion Twists 

As the creativity of black moms continue to evolve, we find ways to add magic to the traditional protective styles. Passion twists are the newest summer trend for protective styles. They are the new trendy variation of twist that resemble goddess locks but more lightweight, more cost effective, and less time spent achieving the style (I now have experience installing them both). Passion twists are all the rage of 2019 and sure to give you that tropical beach vibe you’ve been looking for. Passion twist are low maintenance giving you that effortless look and will be my 2019 summer go-to style.


passion twists 

How to Passion Twists 

               Products used:

               FreeTress Water Wave Crochet Braiding Hair or FreeTress Bohemian Wave Crochet Braiding

               Edge Control of choice – I used Cream of Natures argan oil edge control.

               Leave-in Conditioner – I used Shea Moisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-In Conditioner.

               An Oil – I used Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil. 

               Styling Foam Lotion – I used Design Essentials Affirm StyleRight Foam Wrap Lotion.


How to install passion twists:

Start on freshly washed and deep conditioned hair. To dry my hair, I used a hand held blow dryer on low/cool heat. I parted my hair into 4 large sections and started on one of the back sections. From each one of the 4 large sections, I parted my hair straight across to create medium sized boxes. I saturated each section with leave-in conditioner and oil. I use a thick oil like castor oil for maximum protection because protective styles block your hair from outside forces including the ability to add oil and moisture. So, saturating your hair with a thick oil will lock in the moisture for a longer period of time.

Fluff and separate the Freetress hair. I used 3 strands of hair for each twist to ensure the end result was full. But next time I will only use 2-strands.

Use the edge control to coat the hair closest to the scalp to make it easier to grip.

I used the braid in method, braiding the freetress hair into my natural hair, braiding down 5-7 times, then beginning to twists (see the video for an in-depth description). Once the 2-strand twist process began, I continue to add edge control as I twist down toward the end.

Continue this until all twist are complete.

passion twist

Other Methods

** Other methods include the rubber band method and the twisting/knotless method. Using the rubber band method, you rubber band each section and crochet the freetress hair through the rubber band before you start twisting. For the twisting/knotless method, you grab onto the right and left section and twist them around the freetress hair. Starting tight at the root then start 2-strand twisting the hair all the way to the end.

After all twist are complete, add a generous amount of foaming lotion to all twists.


I maintained these passion twists for 6 weeks. For maintenance, add foaming lotion and oil at least once a week. I also spritzed the twist with a water/rosemary oil to add moisture. Tie passion twists up in a top knot with a silk scarf to sleep.



More of a visual person? Well you’re in luck, because I created an easy to follow video. Looking for more Natural hairstyles? Well, Check out the NaturalHairMommi section on my page. 



How are you rocking your hair this summer? I’d love to hear from you.