Necole Kane hosted a phenomenal event, #Elevate Her Crawl in Atlanta, GA created to give back to black women business owners by encouraging support, finding ways to network, collaborate and build a stronger community of Boss Women and #BossMommies. Everything about this screams MommiNation so how could we miss this event?! We Couldn’t! We met some incredible #BossMommies at the ElevateHer Crawl


During this experience, we met several amazing Mommies who started their businesses from the ground up. Filling gaps, fueling their passions, and creating solutions to problems that impact us directly. We met Chantel who is the founder of Play Pits. Chantel’s own children inspired Play pits. Play Pits is an all-natural deodorant free of harsh chemicals, aluminum, and parabens. We connected with Shavone. Shavone is the founder of Curl Kalon. In a brief but impactful interview, she described her family and the nation that supports her being a #BossMommi. She has six children ranging from 21 to 5 and says her own Mommi is her biggest supporter. We also had the pleasure of meeting the founder of Essential Wombman, Mariah who strives to raise awareness of vaginal health for all women. We connected with new mommi Candice who turned her passion for homemade jewelry into a paycheck with Candid_Art. And we also met Dionna  who created ComfiArt which is an affordable way to bring unique art that you can wear and decorate your home.




This is just a glimpse into the experience known as the Elevate Her Crawl. This event also served as an opportunity for some of the women in MommiNation to come together and meet for the first time. MommiNation is not only a resource for Mommies, but it is also a community of moms striving to build meaningful relationships with other Mommies in an effort to support, encourage, and love each other.


The event was also informative and left gems falling from the sky. Paulenna dropped a major gem, when she spoke about how to be prepared for brand collaborations. She taught us a powerful acronym; R.A.C.E. The acronym stands for ready, audience, contact, and execute. This four-letter word has already increased my personal productivity by 100x and it has helped me to contribute to MommiNation even more. Janell Stephens reminded us that “When God gives you an idea or vision, you just need to work. Don’t ask for permission.” Christina Rice  asked us a really thought-provoking question that sparked self-reflection, “how are you showing up to the world?”. We learned to stay ready with our elevator pitch. And Mr. Will Packer showed support and admiration for black women like no other. He left us with 2 words… “WORK HARDER!”


The opportunity to see a room full of passionate, hard-working, and business savvy black women cannot be described in words. As you know, we believe that it takes a Nation to support a mom, and this event was the true depiction of support. There were several quotes that were so powerful and intentionally placed all over the event space. There were two quotes that stuck with me. “Real Queens Fix Each Other’s Crowns” and “Behind Every Great Woman, Are Great Women”. LOVE. THESE. QUOTES!!! Find ways to get behind other women, build them up, support their cause, fix each other’s crowns, collaborate, connect, and succeed!!


Mommi Brittany Shared an incredible recap of the event from a Mommi’s perspective. You should check it out.