MOMMI, MOMMI, MOMMI the name we will hear forever until we depart this earth, but OMG can’t our children understand how to use it sparingly?!?  Now don’t get me wrong, I have always wanted to be a mother and I am a proud mother of two and love to hear my name, but if my children call my name one more DAMN time, I think I’m gonna scream!  I remember feeling like this when my firstborn was ages 3 and up and now even with the second child who is 4.

Mommi this, mommi that x1000, even following me to the bathroom saying but Mommi,…. And almost always as I’m in my room taking a break and reading that good old juicy romance novel and it gets to the good part where the guy is giving the chick the business and she is screaming his name, in walks child, MOMMI………

You are immediately brought back into reality and that man in the book is no longer important as your child has demanded your full attention.  You just want to scream! Well, you tried to get a couple of minutes of alone time.

Whew how many of you all ever feel this way?  But are too ashamed to admit it, or afraid to actually scream for fear of traumatizing your child for life and too prideful to allow others to see that you just might not be that “SUPERMOM” who always has it together!

Well, guess WHAT!!!!

It’s ok mothers, yes perfectly ok to let it out, ……a little bit of steam every once in awhile won’t hurt anyone, it is actually very therapeutic!  Studies have shown that mothers need alone time from their child or children and it is perfectly ok to scream at times to release stress. NOW I am not at all condoning for you to scream at your kids lol.

But here is the secret: You must find at least 20 minutes a day to yourself.  How you do it doesn’t matter, but doing it does.  When I say 20 minutes that is uninterrupted time where you choose to close your door and place a note that says MOMMI TIME PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB for those kids who can read and are older, and for the little ones you tell them, MOMMI is taking a little break, here is a timer when it goes off I’m back.  Give them an educational show, or ask them to draw their best drawing for you or give them a toy to play with as you pick your alone time.  You can sit at the dining room table as the child plays and place your imaginary screen in front of you (sshh they can’t see you).  Also make sure to let your hubby or significant other too, understand that during your time off….do not disturb.

Now you can release your scream in your room behind closed doors and bite on a towel, or you can go outside on your porch and scream to the birds or you can woosah and do a silent uumm as you sit on the couch in front of your child.  Whatever floats your boat make it yours, own it!!!

For me I have found that I no longer hear those MOMMI calls because I was too stressed out prior trying to beckon to their every call and or need.  Now I have taught my kids to learn that MOMMI needs a moment, or I will be with you after my short intermission.  Yes the kiddos may not like it at first, but I remind them that everyone needs a moment, including them.  This taking a break has worked wonders in my household now, and I do hope that it helps you too.

Mommi Mary

A woman who wears many hats. AN Olympic Gold Medalist, a wife, a mother of two beautifukl girls, sister friend to many, sorority sister, a role model and participant in mnay organizations. I love to read, spend time with my family and exercise when I;m not teaching my 2nd grade students. I love motivating others to be their best. I want everyone I encotuner to Secure Their GOLD!