2020 has been something else! From the pandemic that shut down the world to figuring out how we (and the kiddos) are going to survive the school year, we mommies have quite a bit on our plates these days! With the understanding that academic success, confidence in learning and the ability to excel in any environment are so important, now more than ever, MommiNation is pleased to present Black2School. Now let’s get into what this series is all about. We’re supporting moms in educating, encouraging, and enriching the educational experience of children of all ages. We offer reliable resources from subject matter experts on helpful organizational practices, live tutorials on how to help students thrive in challenging subjects, live interactive activities and facilitated discussions about the importance of higher education.

As black moms, we have the ability and influence to shape our children’s learning; hence, we standby “Their Education, Our Responsibility.” Now is the time to become even more actively engaged in our children’s education whether they’re just learning to speak, getting into the routine of reading time, entering school for the first time, navigating the waters of elementary, going through the hormonal changes of junior high or on complete cool cruise control through high school MommiNation has you covered!

And of course, it just wouldn’t be a true MommiNation series without contests, prizes and surprise giveaways! So join us and make the commitment to not only teaching Black History daily, but making it by registering today!

Grab Your Gear

We’re doing a MommiNation Black2School Year Book and we’d love to include pics of you and your minis.

Grab your tees and send your pics to info@mommination.com.

Pictures due by August 27th!

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