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Us vs Everybody!

In a time where it feels like the world doesn’t want to see positive images like begins to feel like, “Team Lewis vs. Everybody!” It’s a challenge between wanting... Read More

Cupcakes and Rainbows Are For Girls!

My son came home, and asked me, "Mom am I gay?"  I was shocked, almost breathless, before I answered, I had to ask him a question, did he even know... Read More

24 weeks…

I was only 18 It was my freshman year in college. I was running track and extremely in shape.  Every day after track practice, I would pig out. Afterward, I’d... Read More

Fun Facts About Shopping On A Budget And My Top 5 Places To Shop For My Family

Hey guys… it’s Mama Lewis here with some fun facts about shopping on a budget and my top 5 places to shop for my family. I get the question a... Read More