Hey guys… it’s Mama Lewis here with some fun facts about shopping on a budget and my top 5 places to shop for my family.
I get the question a lot about “How we do it?” Or “How can you afford to buy clothes for everyone ?”
Let me start off and say that this shits not easy and yea it does cost but not anything ridiculous or attainable for the average working class family. We don’t wear designer clothes or spend money on bags but we do however invest in pieces that we can wear multiple times and still look new or different in every picture.
When I’m out shopping, I try to just go for what I like and then shop for everyone else.
For example, if I see a jumpsuit online or in store, I’ll cop it and then maybe have to go to 3-4 other stores for the kids/ Joe.
It could be that I spend $99 on my dress but then only spend $60 total on everyone else. Most of the items we have already. Everything isn’t always new. Creating a look doesn’t have to be costly if you incorporate basics. By basics I mean, everyone should have in their closet; a good paid of denim jeans, white & black converse,’a white tee and a denim jacket. Oh and let’s not forget. Good pair of cargo camo’s.
These 5 items can be worn in multiple ways. Let’s not forget the dog! Do you know how many times I’ve cut an old shirt or used one of the girls headband just to make a simple dog bandana. YOU GOTTA GET CREATIVE.
Has been a few times where I couldn’t find anything for Zen and I’ve put one of the boys sweatshirts on her to make it look like a tunic.
Let’s play a game.. go back and look at some of our pics and try to spot out the white pair of jeans Joe has wore about 6 different times! 😂😅
My point is, shopping doesn’t always mean EXPENSIVE. It means shopping smart and purchasing items that you can use over and over again with different color schemes.
If I could give some advice it would be, if you like it, but it. You may not know what it will go with or if you even like it, but with fashion and designs you may see something similar print for your spouse about 4 months later and then BOOM 💥 it’s the perfect outfit.
The same thing with shoes, try to find one of a kind pair that can be worn more than once but give your outfit the right spark!
I also believe you have to have the right eye for it, you can’t always do camouflage, stripes or leopard with red, step outside the box and try a neon yellow or a hot pink.. go for a pop of color that isn’t typical and you will find other pieces that work better.
I’ve listed a few places that I like to shop for my family, but there are many many more.
Here are my top 5 places to shop:
  1. Zara- They have something for everyone and not as expensive as you think.
  2. Marshall’s- Good finds, reasonable and has some name brand gems ( if you have the time to look)
  3. Target – Especially for Men and kids.. I don’t always find stuff for me but the Men’s wear is kind of fire 🔥
  4. Instagram has some really good boutiques and shops for everyone. We usually tag all clothing so be sure to tap for details.
  5. Spoil Me- recently we have launched our online store that is mostly tailored to moms with daughters, but soon we will be offering clothing for the whole family, Men, women, children and yes even our fury friends so you can have a whole complete coordinated look no matter what the dynamics are!
My next blog post will be – How to coordinate a family of 6!


Leslie Moncada-Lewis