In 2006 and I was ranked #1 in the world. It was my third year running professionally and everything was…

I gained a new level of respect for Kim Kardashian’s parenting.  She understands that even though her kids are biracial, in this society, they are considered black. They are being raised with an awareness of their black culture, therefore, she practices and celebrates the customs.

She was set on driving in one car together but we couldn’t fit both strollers in her car. This was the start of going to dinner becoming a stressful event. I see the stress on her face, she just wanted to go to dinner with her friend and not train for the baby car packing Olympics.

I told his dad that if he was able to logically come up with a question he deserves to hear an honest answer and we both agreed with that and decided to move forward that way with our parenting.