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Beach Please! Keeping the Bikini Body on Vacation

Summer is heating up and most of us are in vacay mode.  For the past few months, you planned the vacay, worked out diligently to get the abs flat and... Read More

3 Kids Later: My Nappily Ever After

3 Kids Later:  My Nappily Ever After Anyone else remember watching the cult classic, early 2000’s reality tv gem, John and Kate Plus Eight?  Remember her “soccer mom” super short,... Read More

We’re Black, But Our Kids are Definitely Irish!

We’re Black, But Our Kids are Definitely Irish! If I only had a dollar, no, THREE DOLLARS, for each time someone asked me if they’re triplets, well, maybe I could... Read More

Trick-or-Treat: Halloween for Millennial Moms

Trick-or-Treat: Halloween for Millennials Happy All Hallows’ Eve! What a time for “Trunk or Treating!” (Because, let’s face it, pretty much NOBODY kicks it old school, house to house, trick-or-treat,... Read More

Black Breastfeeding Week Celebration – A Gallery from the Pauls

Here’s to Black Breastfeeding Week… In honor of the end of Black Breastfeeding Week, I am sharing a gallery from my first encounter with breastfeeding. Most women who give birth... Read More

“4th Quarter” Fall Bucket List

Happy Fall, y’all from the 3 Paul’s in a pod! Even though the temperatures in South Mississippi don’t reflect it, Autumn season is in full swing. In the South, we... Read More

Reasons to Attend Your HBCU or College Homecoming

Reasons to Attend Your HBCU or PWI Homecoming For most universities in the South, be it HBCUs or PWIs, I’ve found that for either, the holy grail of post-graduate festivities is... Read More

Fall Fun with the Three Pauls in a Pod

Fall Fun with the 3 Pauls in a Pod “It’s so much fun to dress my kids in themed attire and and plan a photo shoot,” said no mom of... Read More

My Natural Childbirth With Twins: Because I’m Extra Like That!

My Natural Childbirth With Twins:  Because I’m Extra Like That! The Day(s) I Became a Mom You’re probably going to think I’m crazy as I elected for a natural childbirth... Read More