Reasons to Attend Your HBCU or PWI Homecoming

For most universities in the South, be it HBCUs or PWIs, I’ve found that for either, the holy grail of post-graduate festivities is Homecoming.  Now, each university varies on its level of epic come football season, but it seems that one fact holds true, we’re all suckers for a good Homecoming tailgate and weekend festivities!  Here, I share a plethora of reasons to attend your HBCU or PWI Homecoming.  Agree or nah?


It’s a great way to connect with old friends, acquaintances, colleagues, foes, etc. in a laid back, casual atmosphere, where there’s likely drinking involved.  Hello uninhibited conversations and small-talk!

Girls Trip!!!

Adulting got you in a funk stankier than Auntie Cherry’s chitterlings?  Then you’re badly in need of a girls weekend!  This is the prime opportunity to sleep five to a room, reminisce about old flames and even lukewarm loves, brunch, catch-up, and day drink with your besties.  Need I say more?

Revenge Body

What’s better than seeing your 30 lbs heavier college crush, and there you are, glistening, curls poppin’, fresh out the gym, living your best life?  Nothing!  #okBye

Bring a Friend

What’s more fun than being the new girl/boy on campus?  Being the wingman/woman to the new boy/girl on campus.  You get to show off all the really cool things that make your university special to your guest, and likewise, all the really cool things about your guest to your old friends.  Unless of course your clique has a case of the “Drakes” (no new friends, no-no-new), in which case, bringing new blood to the tailgate may potentially get you cut.

Stuntin’ 101

Show off your new [insert enviable thing here].  New boo, set of wheels, fresh Louis bag, cosmetic procedure (hello double Ds!), cute new baby/kids/family, etc…  Homecoming is the perfect opportunity in which to stunt on ’em.

Group Chat 101

To actually “see,” in person, those 4-8 individuals you message, gossip, kee-kee with, and share screenshots with on a daily in your group chat.  Alternately, to actually “see,” in person, those 10-25 individuals you’ve screenshot and kee-keed ABOUT in your group chat.

Keep the Receipts

There’s a whole lotta’ “stuntin’ for the gram” going on in our daily social (media) lives.  Folks are out here perpetrating all over social media, AND I’M HERE FOR IT!  I am not mad at all if a certain someone wants me to believe that he/she is out here living his/her absolute BEST LIFE, but… beware…  What’s done in the dark (Read:  crop and filter) always comes to the light!

Meet up with old teammates/sorority/fraternity colleagues. Because… nostalgia!

Cuffing Season

For my generation, the Xennials, most of my core group were married between the ages of 25-35, and now, for those marriages that didn’t work out, we are experiencing a surge in newly single-dom divorcees.  In comes Homecoming and cuffing season.  Both take place as the leaves are falling and eyes are wandering.  During what other occasion for a 30-something is there such a large number of singles and on-the-verge-of singles in one place?  I’m not talking about the internet!  Homecoming weekend might as well be for post graduates.  So get your elevator speech and your best lines ready, because the holidays are just over 30 days away, and no one wants to show up solo-dolo to Aunt Cherry’s Thanksgiving dinner!

For The Culture

Now’s your time to proudly show off your alma-mater to your children.  Let them stroke the feather of the eagle or take part in whatever traditions you shared at your school.  Talk to them about what it was like when students actually met up on the yard and kicked it with each other instead of sending snapchat videos all day long.  Instill in them a sense of pride and belonging within the university and higher education concept by exposing them to campus in the fun and festive atmosphere of Homecoming.

Mommy Makeover?  Yes, Please!

Has your fashion been in a funk lately, but you know there’s a diva deep within just itching for a reason for emerge?  Here’s your reason to update your ‘do!  Homecoming falls predictably during the changing from summer to fall each year, so what better excuse for a style update!?

Because We Miss “Pretty Wednesday”

It’s time to finally wear that new trend or outfit you’ve been “saving.”  I used to be a sucker for saving outfits, but in my more golden (bronze?) years, I’ve gotten away from it.  I actually wear my things; life is too short for saving outfits.  But I’m also seasoned enough to realize that around-’bout 90% of us live in this practice.  For when tho?  When is that golden opportunity to wear those new, super cool high waisted pants or those thigh-high gladiator sandals with the rose gold detail?  Homecoming is that opportunity!  You betta werk!

Networking 101

Now you have a chance to actually hand out those cards dry rotting in your Kate Spade business card holder.  Who would’ve thought that the loud and annoying Que-Dogg would turn out to be a stellar CPA or that the tragic fashion flop from Greenville would have an epic glow up and is now the head stylist for a leading fashion house?  Catch up with your peers at this Homecoming.  It’s a great time to meet professionals and collab!

Greek Life

For Greeks:  You spent 12 weeks in the hole, getting your tail beat, purchasing drinks for big brothers, and  learning Invictus…  This is YOUR TIME (in adulthood) to get your money’s worth for those letters!

Practice at home before you head back to the yard, though.  You don’t want the young folk to see you short-winded and rusty with your shimmy.  You may even have to call up a few Neos and schedule a strut practice before the festivities, and that’s ok!  Just be sure that when you flex your strutting/strolling skills on the yard, you let the kids know that the old heads still got it!