Okay friends, if your family is anything like ours, a lot of time goes into plotting and planning your children’s future. This is especially true when you begin to think about your kid’s college education. We have three kids, and sometimes the prospect of sending three kids to college terrifies me.

Keeping our baby and this issue of blood a secret, we bled heavily for six additional weeks. To our amazement, the baby’s heartbeat continued to get stronger, and she began to grow. Grateful, I continued to grow in faith by reading scriptures of promise over her. By our 16th week appointment, the bleeding had stopped entirely, and our baby girl was growing and progressing normally.

My people, what’s good ?!? I am so glad that we are finally meeting! I’m Chaunte. Some people know me…

I was supersizing my waistline, while my self-confidence simultaneously shriveled up and died.