Resist the urge to give up and cry

Finding the time and energy for personal fitness goals can feel like a daunting task for even the most super of moms. The constant demands of our children’s schedule, our schedules, our relationship needs, preparing healthy meals (because let’s face it, the convenience of drive-thru food is part of the reason we need Workout Wednesday in the first place). Life in general, makes working out seem impossible. I hear you, I feel you. I am you.

Until very recently, in addition to raising our three kids, I was working full time, training for my 5th Olympics, commuting 3 hours a day, and still trying to be a super mom and wife. As a result, I was failing at balancing it all.

There were so many times I wanted to crawl under a table and cry while watching a Rom-Com, and shoving my face full of the rich comfort of ice cream. 

Your body will tell you when you need a change

I was supersizing my waistline, while my self-confidence simultaneously shriveled up and died. Moreover, I began feeling unhealthy. Consequently, my energy level plummeted like the stock exchange during a recession. I couldn’t make it through the day without having my coffee on an IV drip. I couldn’t think clearly; intimacy was non-existent, and most importantly I wasn’t happy. I was giving the world everything I had and left nothing for myself.

The decision to take my life back was not a choice; it was a necessity. Finding time for my health and fitness goals became the priority. That life of mommi-neglect came to an end, and I have reclaimed my energy and happiness. My self-confidence is no longer on life-support and is thriving with endorphins (You know, the energy-filled euphoria you get from exercise). This is how I use three daily time slots to make sure I never miss a workout!

Add yourself to your calendar

You already have a schedule, I’ve seen it. School starts at 8: 00 AM, Dr.’s appointment Tuesday at 12:00 PM, Women in Leadership Conference May 8th 8-5: 00 pm, son’s soccer games every Saturday from now until eternity, rain your shine, hell or high water.

These appointments are on your calendar because they are essential to you. You see the necessity of these events, so you do whatever it takes to make sure you meet these appointments. Well, guess what Mommi, you are important too! When I realized that I was also important, I started penciling myself in my calendar. After writing out each of my standing obligations on an hourly planner, I found three 1-hour slots that I had free every single day of the week and I wrote my name in them.

5:30 – 6:30 am – Chaunte’

12:00pm – 1:00pm – Chaunte’

8:00 – 9:00pm Chaunte’

Give yourself three Time Slots to get it right

Why three slots you ask? Well, it’s simple. Any and everyone around you will try to sabotage any time that you have planned for yourself.

It’s kind of like when an airline overbooks a plane. In other words, count on the fact that some people won’t show up. This is the same concept. You overbook your workout time with the anticipation that somehow, something will happen to hijack your appointment (pun definitely intended). I always shoot for the first-time block of the day to get my workout in. It’s the easiest, it sets my day off with a win, and it ensures a productive energy -filled start.

However, in days where I stay up all night, moonlighting as “Batmommi” protecting my household from fevers; and monsters in the closet; or maybe I was just up all night because daddy really likes that costume (…and no, that doesn’t count as workout time), I may need an extra hour of sleep. Either way, I had to schedule in flexibility to account for those sleepless nights.

Plan for the unexpected

If for any reason I miss that first time block; I plan a quick workout for my lunch hour. This workout will usually have to be a speedier workout with high intensity to account for time needed to change clothes and freshen up before going back to work.

Even with careful planning, your lunch hour can be stolen with calls from your children’s school, corporate team meetings, or time sensitive deadlines.

This brings me to time slot number 3. My final time slot is right around the kid’s bedtime, but before quality time with my hubby. This time slot is not ideal but is my lifeline to make sure that I workout each and every day on even the most disastrous days. I must be careful to focus my workout on low impact strength training because I don’t want a rush of energy right before I am supposed to go to bed.

If a first you can’t work out, try and try again

The point is, if I didn’t pencil myself in I wouldn’t work out for days, which turned into weeks and so on. As moms, we put the needs of everyone else above our own. We see working out as a luxury and not a necessity. Your health, sanity, and self-esteem depend on you putting your physical fitness on your calendar. Take time to add yourself to your schedule because girl, you’re important!

I love you girl and its time for you to love you too! Looking forward to reading your fitness success testimonials! Until then, “Happy Workout Wednesday.” Oh yeah and be sure to follow me on Instagram!


Mommi Chaunte’