Even the most confident of mothers would have to admit that there are days we all second guess our parenting abilities. We question, am I present enough? Am I working hard enough? Are the decisions I’m making today going to have a long-lasting negative impact on my child in the future? Am I strict enough? Am I affectionate enough?

Am I enough? The answer is No….you are not enough sis, you are MORE than enough!

You are doing the absolute best you can given your current circumstances. Sure we could all be a little more patient, a little more free-spirited, a little less stressed, but don’t focus on all the things you are not doing as a Mommi and celebrate what you are, which is one incredibly amazing mother!

It has been said that we are our own harshest critics; therefore we have to be intentional about practicing self-care, exhibiting self-love, and repeatedly vocalizing self-affirmations. If you find it difficult speaking amazing things about yourself, rest assure you aren’t alone. As black women, we tend to shy away from complimenting ourselves out of fear that we might come across as arrogant, self-centered, pretentious or conceited. Our confidence has intimidated the world into thinking it’s anger. Some of us carry on just fine or unbothered by how others view us; whereas many of us have substituted our confidence for self-doubt.

If this is something you struggle with try this exercise. __________ has an exceptional mother (insert your child’s name). __________ has a beautiful wife (insert your husband’s name). ________ is so blessed to have such an amazing best friend (insert your best friend’s name). After getting into the routine habit of intentional self-affirming behavior you will inevitably grow more and more confident in yourself. You will become more compassionate towards yourself and you’ll look back and laugh at yourself for ever questioning whether you were enough!

Remember there is no experience necessary when you become a Mommi and you’ll figure it out as you go. God created you for this role in all your perfect imperfections and there is absolutely no better mother for your baby than you! You are going to kill this…