Securing Our Legacy, Part I_ Who’s Going to Teach Our Children About Generational Wealth_ (96)

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly of Student Loans

I have a love hate relationship with my student loans. I hate that they are...Read More
April 7, 2021

The 30-Day Guide To Debt Freedom Workbook

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March 22, 2021

How To Recover From Overspending During The Holiday Season

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January 20, 2020

I Paid Off Over $30,000 of Debt in 12 Months And Here’s How

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January 6, 2020

Ultimate Guide to Avoid Overspending During the Holidays

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December 16, 2019

My Top Two Financial Tips

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August 6, 2019

The B Word

The truth is, budget is not a bad word and no matter how wealthy you...Read More
May 17, 2019

My Strategy to Paying Off $92,000 of Student Loan Debt

Ok, so I know you’re wondering, how do I plan to pay off $92,000 and...Read More
May 1, 2019

Your Last Minute Tax Guide

As much as we dread April 15th that day comes around every year like clockwork....Read More
April 9, 2019

Securing our Legacy Part III: Preparing Our Children to Manage Generational wealth

Although I did not grow up in poverty, I also wasn’t born into wealth. My...Read More
April 8, 2019

Securing Our Legacy Part II: Generational Wealth

We are talking about building wealth, therefore having only one source of income will not...Read More
March 25, 2019

My Strategy to Pay Off $92,000 of Student Loan Debt

Ok, so I know you’re wondering, how do I plan to pay off $92,000 and...Read More
March 24, 2019

Student Loan Mistakes That I Made That You Should Avoid

I’ve made many mistakes in my short 32 years on this earth, but when it...Read More
January 1, 2019

I Have $92,000+ in Student Loan Debt

Have you heard the recent student loan debt statistics? According to Forbes, Student loan debt...Read More
January 1, 2019

10 Things You Are Forgetting In Your Budget

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January 1, 2019

Reducing Expenses

Did you know that you could negotiate your expenses? I asked this question on my...Read More
January 1, 2019

Save $2019 In The Year of 2019 – Sweet Like Money Savings Challenge

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January 1, 2019

Sweet Like Money Challenge

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January 1, 2019

The 6 Essential Steps to Creating a Budget

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January 1, 2019