Improving your Finances

Assessing your financial health is essential. In order to successfully improve your finances, you have to know your current financial health. There are several factors to assessing your financial health. I created a 30-day sweet like money challenge that will help you completely evaluate your current financial state and introduce you to best practices that will result in overall financial improvement.

The first step is awareness. You have to be aware at all times of your current state. Doing things like checking your accounts to ensure they are all in order, frequently updating your information because things may change often and quickly, and staying informed about the economy and what is going on in the industry, will all help you become more financially responsible. This challenge will help you do just that. No matter where you are on your financial journey, this challenge will help you improve.

The Challenge

Financial responsibility is all about creating successful habits. This 30-day challenge is focused on helping you create those habits. Just like a self-care challenge, exercise challenge, or savings challenge, you perform an action each day that will result in building those habits and improving your finances. Join me today and start the Sweet Like Money Challenge to improve your finances!

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