Sweet Like Money Savings Challenge

It’s that time of year again! It’s the time of year when we make our annual financial goals. Saving is probably at the top of everyone’s financial goal list. And it should be! Building a savings is essential. No matter if you are saving for an unexpected emergency, a vacation, a new car, a home, college, retirement, or Christmas 2019, it is easier to save over time than to come up with a large amount of money within a short period of time. This year I want you to join me in a savings challenge. By completing this challenge, you will save $2019 in the year of 2019!

This is a 52-week challenge, where you save a certain amount each week. The weekly savings amount never exceeds $65. You decide each week the amount you can afford to save by selecting any of the squares from the challenge. Each week you check off the amount you saved and by week 52, your entire sheet should be checked off. The amounts range from $15 to $65. Gather of group of friends/family members to complete the challenge with you and hold each other accountable through out the year. Let’s start to be intentional about challenging each other to improve their finances and build a community of like-minded, financially responsible people!

A group of us will start the #SweetLikeMoneySavingsChallenge the first week of 2019, but you can you can start at anytime! Join us is Saving $2019 in 2019. Check out my progress on Instagram