Christmas is right around the corner and everyone knows Christmas is the time of giving. The “giving spirit” can sometimes cause us to overspend, therefore leaving us in debt. Here is my strategy to ensure I avoid beginning 2019 in credit card debt as a result of overspending during the holidays.

I will….

Avoid using credit cards!

The ideal strategy to avoid using credit cards would be to limit purchases to cash only, but if you will make gift purchases online (like I plan to do), get a prepaid card and load your preplanned Christmas budget. 

Decide a total amount that you can afford to spend on Christmas.

(Key word, that you can afford!) Calculate your disposable income and decide how much of that disposable income you will designate for holiday spending.

Plan, plan, plan!!

Write down everyone you plan on buying a gift and write a dollar amount that you plan/can afford to spend. 

Purchase the perfect gift!

Now that you have a total holiday spending budget, think of a meaningful/significant gift that you can buy each person within that amount. Make a list and plan out every single item you plan to buy. 

Shop sales!!

Monitor your gifts to purchase at the lowest cost. Do your research and purchase your gift while they are on sale. I use the Krazy Coupon Lady app, newspaper sales ads, and direct emails from the stores’ mailing list to find the best deals. 

Get money back

If you’re shopping online, use programs that offer rebates. There are several programs like this. I use Ebates and Ibotta

Use coupons and promo codes

If you’re shopping online, ALWAYS search for a promo code. 

Avoid the additional expenses

If shipping is too high and there is a local store, shop in stores.  

There is you guide to avoid overspending during the holidays. What is your strategy to stay on budget?