…and Mommi,

we’re using the word perfect very loosely!

I mean sometimes perfect just means everyone’s in the shot!

Now let’s get to it…

It’s the one time of year where many of us go all out for family photos.

Social media has certainly changed the game, and we do take more pictures more often, but there’s nothing quite like the official family photo that we take at the end of the year! And, as an added bonus, if we get them shot early enough, not just to post on IG, but to actually send out beautiful Christmas cards to our family and friends.

So pictures were easy when it was just you and hubs but add kids to the mix and it changes EVERYTHING!!!

Our families have been doing this for a few years now and we want to share some tips that we think are extremely helpful when it comes to getting that one shot that gets you your most likes for the year on IG, and sits on grandmas refrigerator for a year!

1. Get your outfits early

Coordinating the family is a MUST! Some people think coordinating is silly, we do it year-round, but for your Christmas shot it is imperative. You must look like a unit and the best way to show it is by rocking outfits that work together. There are very few places that sell outfits for everyone so we suggest grabbing your pieces early that way you can make exchanges if sizes and colors are off!

2. Get coordinated

People always ask us how we achieve our coordinated looks? Well, the secret is to start with one person and/or one piece that you absolutely love then go from there! Once you’ve completed that look you start to look for complimentary pieces for everyone else in the family and just like that the entire look comes together. I always say, start with the hardest person to style first, it makes your life a lot easier.

3. Do your homework

Find a great photographer and location.

It’s so easy these days to find a photographer and see their work. If you’re gonna take the time to get the family all dressed up and spend your money make sure the photographer meets your standards. Don’t skimp on the photographer. It can make or break your pictures. Once you’ve decided on the photographer talk through locations with them. What’s your vision, clean background, outdoors, props. Know what you want before you get there so that you aren’t disappointed.

4. Pick the right time of day

Do not, I repeat DO NOT schedule your shoot during your baby’s nap time. Trust me this won’t be the magical day that your baby acts right. He/she will absolutely ruin the shoot if he/she is cranky or sleepy. Pick the time of day when your baby is usually active and happy. The saying usually states “Happy wife happy life” but on set it’s “happy kiddo happy photo” lol!

5. Speak up

Don’t be afraid to ask the photographer to see some of the photos. Lord knows there is nothing worse than a hair sticking up or a shirt untucked. There is only so much that can be achieved through photoshop so you want to give yourself the best shot at getting a great photo.

6. Make the most of it

Don’t all line up in the same spot for the entire shoot. Move around, try new poses and be sure everyone, other than the babies, looks at the camera at all times. There is nothing worse than the perfect picture with your teenager or husband looking down!


Now, I know it’s super close to Christmas and you might just need to do these photos yourself, so here are a few more helpful tips to getting the shot done at home!

  1. Get a tripod and lights
  2. If not get a good friend with a lot of patience!
  3. Do a test run before everyone comes down. Make sure you have great lighting, the sun or light should always be behind the camera.
  4. Use the best phone or camera in the bunch. There are lots of debates about this so I’ll just move on to the next tip.
  5. Download a great editing app. My go-to… FaceTune!

Happy Holidays and happy shooting!

Here is one of my other favorite shots from this year’s shoot!

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Until next time,

Mommi Sanya