Ugh! I don’t know what it is about people thinking it’s okay to give their opinions on how to discipline children that aren’t theirs. I mean seriously? Mind your own business! The way that I discipline my children is between their father and I and it isn’t up for suggestions.

Let’s talk candidly

Not everyone disciplines their children the same. Some folks may spank their kids, while others choose the time-out method. Some parents are screamers, others whisper threats so quietly you’d never know what was happening. Whichever method you choose, no one has the right to make you feel like you love your child any less. Take for instance, I have a child who is very sensitive. Just one look of disappointment will send the child into tears. On the other hand, I have a child who needs the rod of correction often to drive out foolishness. Does this make me a bad parent? Hell no! These are my children and if anyone knows how best to correct their foolish behavior, it’s me.

What gives you the right to butt in?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about being helpful. I know you probably mean well when you butted into a situation that was very personal. Even if you didn’t see it that way. Let’s get something straight though, deciding how I should discipline my child is not being helpful. It’s actually very rude. I get it, you’re just trying to impart your wisdom to a parent that you think may need some help. In reality, 9 times out of 10 your help is not needed, nor is it wanted. Please choose your battle carefully. Nothing screams “Mama Bear” louder than a mother who is given unsolicited advice from well meaning family members, or even strangers. Don’t even get me started on strangers.

I don’t care what you would do

Your opinion is pointless when it comes to how I discipline my child. Let’s just go ahead and get that out there in the open. I don’t want anyone to be confused. I don’t care what you would do if my child was yours. They’re not. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t think that I handled a situation incorrectly. Who are you to say what I do with my child is incorrect? Once again, these are my children. If I screw them up, let that be on my head.

There’s a time for everything

Disciplining children is personal for me. I’m not going to yell at my children just because someone thinks that’s the correct course of action. We have what’s called “spankable offenses” in our family. There are only three. If our children are not violating those 3 offenses, I don’t spank them. That might be infuriating for some but it works for us. I’m not in the habit of disciplining my kids to make others feel more comfortable. I couldn’t care less what you may think of me as a parent. I’m also not in the habit of embarrassing my kids in public either, so if that offends you, oh well. We take care of all disciplinary actions in-house. That means, most of the time you wouldn’t even know that my kids are being disciplined unless you lived with us.

My kids, my rules

I understand that this blog can come of as a bit harsh. It’s not meant to ruffle any feathers. My kids are really well behaved kids. I’m not trying to toot my own horn here. But on the off chance that you run into us when one of them is having a bad day, please don’t offer your opinion on how you would handle the situation. I know how to deal with my children, they are, after all, my children. Sometimes a smile, or an encouraging word can help in the most stressful situations. Be helpful, not intrusive.

Have you ever experienced unsolicited disciplinary advice when it comes to your children? How do you handle it? Please let me know. Comment below.