In the event of decompression, an oxygen mask will automatically appear in front of you. To start the flow of oxygen, pull the mask towards you. Place it firmly over your nose and mouth, secure the elastic band behind your head, and breathe normally. If you are travelling with a child or someone who requires assistance, secure your mask first, then assist the other person.


When traveling by plane we are reminded of what to do if problems arise.  When traveling with small children or anyone else that requires assistance, we are told to secure our mask first then assist the other person.  These instructions are not just for traveling, these are instructions for our everyday lives.  As Mommies there are times that we run on fumes taking care of everyone and everything around us.  We put ourselves last to care for others, especially our children.  It is imperative that we stop and take care of ourselves before we can take care of others.  We give our all to our children, spouses, careers, churches, organizations, communities and whatever is left over we take for ourselves.  Let’s be honest, most of the time we are too tired to do anything for ourselves and we say “I will do it later” and later never comes.


Self-Care is a very important component when it come to our everyday lives and our health. Self-care drives our emotions, mental health and physical wellbeing. When we take care of ourselves it is better for everyone. We become more relaxed, rejuvenated and responsive to not only our own needs but to the needs of those around us.


Self-Care is defined as the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s well-being and happiness.  While self-care looks different for each of us, I would like to share my daily self-care routine that keeps me relaxed, rejuvenated and responsive in my CRAZY BUSY blended family life.  With a husband, 6 children, church, career and my sorority, life is fast and furious, and I have to keep some normalcy to stay grounded.

  • Proper SleepI try to make it a priority to get at least 6-7 hours of sleep a night, (this doesn’t always happen) but I try. LOL
  • Quiet Time with GodI read my daily scripture and devotional before starting my day.
    • Shower/Prayer Time (As a mom you have to get alone time however and whenever you can)
  • Journaling (I keep a prayer journal)
  • Go for a drive ALONEI will drive to a park and just clear my head, or even journaling in the car is extremely relaxing.
  • Laugh, Laugh and Laugh some moreGood adult interaction without children is the best self-care medicine, If I can’t get away, I will call my bestie and cut up for an hour or so. Trust me you will get off the phone feeling much better.
  • Wine TimeEnjoy your favorite glass of wine and watch your favorite tv show


Whatever your self-care routine maybe please just take time to care for yourself. You have to be intentional about your self-care which means it will require you to put forth an effort.  The same way you have a routine for your children, keep a routine for yourself.


Remember you cannot pour from an empty cup, so secure your mask first.


Contributing Mommi Umeka