I was at Tori’s open house last night, fighting the Florida heat as well as trying to maneuver the 4000 people that were also attending. As I was standing outside of the cafeteria where the real craziness was attempting to get a “Schedule Change Form”, because you know giving the kids the classes they actually registered for last year was too much like right, I heard the most unusual conversation.

What THEY said…

Mom in Pink: “Can you believe they are starting 6th grade?”

Mom in Black: “Not at all, the time is going by so fast.”

Pink Mom: “I am not ready for them to be in school I need just two more days”

*at this point I choke from holding back a heavy sigh and laugh*

Both moms look at me.

I look away.

Black mom (not to be confused with a BLACK mom): “I know. I just need 2 more weeks so we can finish hanging out before they get back to all their school stuff.”

It was at this moment that Tori came out of the cafeteria and I quickly turned around to follow her to the next area of overcrowding. It was then I had two thoughts:

  1. Who the hell were these women?
  2. Where can I get kids that I want to spend 2 more weeks with?

MY truth…

I freaking adore my kids. In a world where young girls are growing up too fast, doing too much to be too grown; I definitely appreciate the girls I have. They don’t try me too hard as far as pushing the envelop of trying to grow up too much too fast, definitely age appropriate. They are academic scholars and very active in school activities, Tori even competitively swims (sometimes 😊). We have a great time together and this summer we did our first “Girls Only” trip, it was the bomb! Literally they are amazing kids. HOWEVER, when my reminder came up on my calendar, Cozi, that it was time to go school shopping before tax free weekend (because I can’t do tax free weekend, Id rather pay the extra than deal with Black Friday type crowds) the level of excitement my soul exuded was almost orgasmic. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THESE OLDER TWO TO GET OUT OF MY HOUSE FOR 8 HOURS. Dammit I said it… I need a break from them.

But Trese, they were busy this summer…

… AND?!

Yes, Zee worked a full-time job this summer but guess who had to get her back and forth? Who had to listen to all her first job woes that happens to every black girl/woman when they are in a workforce with white men in power?  Who was the one that had to go grocery shopping at least 2-3 times a week because somehow working all day increases your appetite to that of a star male athlete? ME… that’s who!

Perfectly describes their personalities. Zee always wanting space, Tori always ready to turn up and AJ always in her own world. My 3 heartbeats!

Tori started conditioning again for swim but guess what, after already taking Zee to work, coming back and still managing a 1 year old; I still had to get her to the pool and SIT and wait for her in the blistering heat. Of course, she made plans with friends to the movies, bowling, Adventure Island and Busch Gardens; but these are her broke little besties. She is broke and she doesn’t drive. So, guess who took on all that as well, DING DING DING… ME!

AJ is a joy, no really, she is; but I truly believe she is allergic to sleep and playing more than 30 minutes by herself. Her separation anxiety has gotten better but it still rears its ugly head on occasion which makes it difficult to leave her with either of the older girls to pick up the other. In short, I rarely get a break to just focus on one kid at a time.

I know I know… middle class problems but these problems are very real to me. And exhausting. Exhausting real problems and you wont shame me for them. Tuh.

The Magical Place called School…

I’m not here to debate the public vs. private or homeschooling issue. I’m here to tell you, SCHOOL IS AMAZING. The teachers are underpaid and I am prayerful that they will get the increases they need very soon because I am forever indebted to them for giving me a break and providing an education to my children. They will deal with fights and excessive talking and less than grateful children, they will live my life for the next 9 ½ months. Its like pregnancy, it has its beautiful moments but by the end; you just want it to be over. I get it and I am sorry. My children will be at school bright and early though. What time does the building open?!

Hold on, putting on my Respectable Mom Hat…

As all of our children go back to school, I pray for their protection from harm. I ask that God wrap His arms around each and every one of them. As much as we need a break from our children, I always want them in environments that are conducive to healthy learning in a safe space with a bully free climate. I pray that each and every teacher, administrator, adviser, counselor, coach & team member enter each day with a purpose to save a life. Not only save them from being uneducated academically but also from being inept to function socially in the beautiful tapestry of people in the world.

Understand that I don’t put the full responsibility on the schools, parents we definitely don’t get to take a break during the school year. Children only learn a little of what they need to at school. We need to encourage health study habits & social skills. We have to piggyback what they are learning at school and we have to ensure that we have our children’s back. Be the advocate for your child in school as you would if they were in the hospital.


Yea yea yea…. When does the first bell ring?!


Love & Light,

Mommi Trese