I know I’m not the only one who has gotten to day seven of your twist out or wash & go and all of a sudden you have an impromptu Zoom meeting. By day seven, it is definitely wash day. But, sometimes you have absolutely no energy to wash. You start to make life-changing decisions like “I don’t HAVE to go to the grocery store tomorrow, we won’t starve” lol. My go-to, life-saving hairstyle is a cute bun. Buns are so versatile. You can go on a date, go to church, or just lounge around the house with a bun. Sometimes, when I’m feeling cute, I like to dress my bun up with hair accessories. Adding hair accessories to your bun can transform your look from an errand run to a formal event.
In this video, I will show you how I go from not being able to go outside to being able to go to a nice dinner party. A cute bun can take you from looking like trash to look like somebody in five minutes flat. And, there’s also minimal products needed. You can ultimately just use water, gel, and maybe a little edge control. In this video, you’ll see me use water, a light, spray leave-in conditioner, gel, and edge control. I also used accessories that I got from my favorite store… Amazon.

How To Bun

First I take my leave-in conditioner and spray it all over my hair. This way I am able to loosen up some of the tangles and avoid matting. Then, I spray water on my edges to remove frizz and make sure that my edges are laid. Next, I take the gel and put it all around the edges, slicking the gel from my edges, all the way to the hair that will lay flat against my scalp. I do not put gel on the shaft or ends of my hair. I take the edge control and repeat this step. I take my brush and brush all around the perimeter of my head making sure that it is smooth and flat all around. Next, I take the ponytail holder and make the ponytail as tight as I could possibly manage throughout the day. I take the shaft and ends of the ponytail and twist it around the ponytail (making sure that it’s not tight) and secure it down with open bobby-pins. Any hairs around the perimeter that are not flat can be brushed up and secured with more bobby-pins.
Finally, after every hair is in its place, I spray holding spray around the perimeter and oil on the bun.
Last but not least, I add the jewels and in less than 10 minutes, you’re ready for your zoom call!
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Until next time Mommies,
Mommi Mykal
Check out the video HERE!
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