We’ve all been watching this story so closely.

Young Botham Jean was killed while sitting in HIS house on HIS couch watching HIS TV… eating ice cream!

It couldn’t have been a more heartbreaking and outrageous story. When we see Botham we see our sons and we continue to do everything we can to be a voice for our slain sons!

Let’s start where we should:

Who was Botham Jean?

Firstly, I must admit it wasn’t easy uncovering information on who this young man was.
In these cases the focus is so sledomly put in the right places.
But here is what we uncovered and after many search queries and re-enties we found a beautiful article. It’s below.
  • He was born in St. Lucia.
  • He had three siblings
  • He was 26
  • He was a youth pastor who loved to sing!
  • He was a volunteer
  • He was a leader!

Then we found this wonderful artice that really tells his story! Check it out here

When asked if his office was concerned about the 10-year sentence, Creuzot said that, though he personally expected a longer sentence, he respected the jury’s decision.

Who is Amber Guyger?

  • Police Officer
  • 31
  • Dallas, TX

We could do a whole lot more here but she’s not the focus!


The Sentencing

Amber Guyer was found guilty of murder. The entire black community breathed a sigh of relief and then the wind was knocked out of our sails again.

10 years!

Let’s not forget Mommi Marissa who was sentenced to 20 years for firing warning shots.

CNN has live updates HERE


Imagine Being The Mother of Botham Jean

Imagine visiting another state, and getting a phone call that your son was murdered in his home for doing absolutely nothing wrong, posing no threat to no one. This is a hypothetical question for us but reality for Botham Jean’s mother Allison. Allision is a former permanent secretary of the Department of Education, Innovation and Gender Relations for St. Lucia.
After the sentencing, Allision urged the community of Dallas to fight for change.
“That 10 years in prison is 10 years for her reflection and for her to change her life”
“There’s much more that needs to be done by the city of Dallas. The corruption that we saw during this process must stop. Had Guyger been given proper training and used it correctly, my son would still be alive.”

“Our lives must move on, but it must move on with change. There’s gotta be a better day, and that better day starts with each and every one of us,” Jean continued.


The Hug Seen Around The World

Have you seen it?

The moment the brother of Botham Jean shared that he had forgiven Guyger and thought the best thing for her would be to give her life to Christ.

This moment has been received with mixed emotions. Here are some reactions…

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