Like most mommies after I gave birth to my first child I was LOST, like lost for real. Also after having my first, I decided not to return to work. The reason we chose to go that route was simple, we couldn’t afford daycare. Even if I decided to go back, my entire check would go right to the daycare bill. So we thought, why go back to work just to pay someone else to watch our baby. Was that decision a mistake? No, I truly believe everything happens for a reason. If I had chosen to go back to work, I very much doubt I would be the #mommiofalltrades today!


I should have known the stay at home Mommi life was not going to be for me. I have always been a very ambitions person, I’ve always been super disciplined with what I need to do to reach my goals. So when I graduated college, and followed “the man of my dreams” to Oregon, and came back home pregnant, were people surprised? I’d say blown away. I graduated with a degree in Communications with a specialty in P.R., my plan after graduating was to work in with television in some type of way. Putting my dreams on hold while pregnant, I took a job as a receptionist. Which ultimately made our decision for me to stay home a lot easier.


Unfortunately while staying at home I started to lose my passion for things. I didn’t wake up excited for anything, and I felt like I was responsible for EVERYTHING. The dishes, the clothes, the baby, making sure the house is clean, cooking, and the list could go on and on. On top of that, I always had this guilty feeling that I was the reason we weren’t farther along financially. I thought, because I decided to stay home (saving us thousands in day care bills) it was somehow my fault that we were living paycheck to paycheck. I always felt like what I was doing (raising my child) wasn’t ENOUGH for my family. Was that the truth? no, but it did contribute to the pitty party I was throwing myself everyday.


I was SICK and TIRED of feeling like I wasn’t doing enough. My husband and I were watching HGTV one day and were both like.. “dang you (I) would be a really good realtor.” I’m the type of person to make a decision and need it to happen ASAP. So we agreed on it and as soon as we had the money I enrolled in classes. Got those done in a couple weeks, took my test, and got my license(in reality this was a 4 month process). I was SO excited, I finally felt like I could get out of the funk that I was in. I also may or may not have become pregnant with my second child while getting my license too.. I love real estate it’s fun helping people find their perfect home, and watching their family grow into something you helped them find. Real estate was making me good money, but it wasn’t filling my pot, I still felt like there was more I could do.


Growing up I played volleyball for a club here in Austin called Austin Juniors. When I moved back to Austin I was asked to coach a team for them. I gladly took the spot, it’s funny because growing up I always wanted to coach collegiate volleyball. Also growing up, I realized that wasn’t something sustainable for the life I wanted to live. My dad worked in college sports my whole life, and even though I lived the childhood dream sitting on the field of Texas football games every Saturday, and being closely involved with top level athletes, the amount of time away a career in collegiate sports requires was not a sacrifice I was willing to make. Coaching club is perfect for me, I’m able to use it as an escape from the kids a couple nights a week, and continue to be involved in a sport I love.


Never ever ever in a million years would I have told anyone that my dream job would be one that involves network marketing.. But would I be the #mommiofalltrades without one? I don’t think so. Multiple streams of income is the new WAVE sis, and the gem I found was the fulfillment my heart was searching for all these years. I could have never imagined that an MLM structured business would change my life in so many ways. My business allows me to help others, whether that’s helping them get the hair of their dreams or helping them get the life of their dreams. Key word is helping, my heart fills with gratitude knowing I can be a positive part of not only someones hair journey, but their life journey as well.


Now I call myself a work from home mommi. I still stay at home with my two daughters, but I’m also bringing in multiple streams of income. For me bringing in income helps me stay sane while staying at home with my daughters. It’s hard to balanced multiple jobs, watching my kids, and staying on top of household things as well, but it’s more rewarding. Working from home allows me to appreciate and see value in what I was doing while solely being a stay at home mom, where as before I couldn’t see it. My shampoo business is so fun that it doesn’t even seem like a job to me, its low key self care. Now getting cute and creative is my main gig. Juggling multiple businesses gives me a vision of the future, and that was what I was craving, but couldn’t find through the years. When staying at home I couldn’t see anything changing for me in the future, it seemed like I would be where I was at forever. Now I have real tangible goals, I know exactly who and where I want to be, and that allows me to wake up excited to tackle everyday.

Until Next time

Mommi Haley