If you’re a Mommi who loves to read or download and listen on the go (we’re not here to judge) we’ve got just the thing for you! MommiNation is inviting you to check out our Mommi Approved Books of the Month. Our selections are sure to have you laughing, crying, motivated and/or captivated as the genres range from fiction, historical literature, poetry and romance to science fiction, mystery, thriller and suspense. Whatever tickles your literary fancy, we’ve got you covered! And because we know just how important reading is for the whole family, we’re also including our picks for your little ones! Happy Reading!

Mommi Approved Book of the Month

FRESHWATER By AKWAEKE EMEZI Author Akwaeke Emezi is a talented millennial Nigerian fiction writer and artist with a graduate degree from New York University. Her debut novel, Fresh Water, was released in February of 2019 has been described as, “A mesmerizing and poetic novel that cracks open notions of self-control, mental illness, and love.” It tells the story of a troubled Nigerian girl named Ada who over time develops multiple versions of herself as a result of being born “with one foot on the other side.

Having prayed her into existence, her parents Saul and Saachi struggle to deal with the volatile and contradictory spirits peopling their troubled girl. When Ada comes of age and heads to college, the entities within her grow in power and agency. An assault leads to a crystallization of her selves. As Ada fades into the background of her own mind and these selves – now protective, now hedonistic – seize control of Ada, her life spirals in a dark and dangerous direction.

Narrated from the perspectives of the various selves within Ada, and based in the author’s realities, Freshwater explores the metaphysics of identity and being.

Akwaeke Emezi

Mommi Approved Picks for

the Kids

The Joys of Being a Little Black Boy by Valerie Reynolds Valerie Reynolds is a Chicago-based writer, media professional and marketing consultant. She is also the co-founder of Hurston Media Group, LLC, a publishing and media services company dedicated to the creation, publicity and awareness of media that reflect the black experience and demystifies urban millennials.

Roy will take young people on a vividly illustrated historical journey highlighting impactful Black men who were once joy-filled Black boys like Roy.

This 3-8 year old reader will diversify and fill your child’s library with heart warming and smart illustrations by Christopher Turner. This book features President Barack Obama, Charles Drew, Frederick Douglass, Langston Hughes, Colin Powell, John Baptiste Pointe Dusable, and many more! There is also a Teacher/Parent guide that details the historical framework around the icons mentioned on Roy’s journey.


Valerie Reynolds