Hey, my name is Roxanne Cowans  and I’m so excited that you are here! I do hope I’m not alone with this one but have you ever felt different…. like you do not fit in with the other amazing moms around you?

I felt lost from going through a tough divorce. Unfortunately, I held myself captive. Starting life over after ten years of investing everything was not part of my plan. It felt as if I failed as a woman and especially as a mother. The shame and embarrassment of not being able to keep my marriage and family together greatly scarred me. But, divorce didn’t define me. With time, I began to heal and realized that divorce didn’t define me I am more than enough. 

The Plan ‘My Plan’

Looking back, I thought I would have an amazing career, with a successful business of my own, live in that dream house with the cute car. I would drive around with my perfect husband, well behaved kids and live happily ever after!  

Well, … tahdah here I am! A stay at home mom, with two daughters biologically, and my second husband who has kids from his previous marriage. We’re quite the blended family aren’t we!

Meet the Cowans

We love hard, play hard and believe it or not disagree hard too. We’ve been through so much and to make it here is such a blessing. God is awesome!

Checkout Mr. Hubs that’s Robert! Retired Army Veteran, Mr. Romantic, lover of Christ and my rock. He’s truly God sent. Let me tell you…God answers prayers!

While I was going through a difficult divorce, Rob appeared right in front of me – literally! He quickly became a rock solid support for myself and my oldest daughter. I always refer to him as my Good Samaritan. We’re actually five years down in the game but it feels like we’ve been together for a lot longer. I must highlight that meeting Rob after his service to the country was a big transition for me.

Two Greatest Blessings

Let’s talk about my first born. Nyomi, she’s nine going nineteen years old. With that said, she is very smart, super creative and challenging. Sometimes, she is the definition of a sour patch kid. At the same time, she is the sweetest, most loving and protective best big sister ever. I am still trying to figure her out.

Eight years later came Saige. Rob and I literally started over with this one…but hey we are loving it. Saige is eighteen months and a sweet little big heart. She completes the family and keeps us all on our toes literally. She is an occasional sour patch like her big sister but mostly a yummy red velvet cheesecake – my fave!


I am….

Reading God’s Word and meditating on His truth played a major role in helping me discover divorce didn’t define me and who God intended me to be. 

I am more… than my thoughts

I am more… than how others see me

I am more… than enough


Wife, stay at home mom, stepmom, new mom, momming all day everyday – I AM PRICELESS! 


Thanks so much for getting to know a little about my journey to finding me!

Let’s connect, sparkle and rock mommihood together! Please join me on Instagram I can’t wait to hear your story!

One love Mommi Roxi!